Haul: Vancouver's Daiso

My boyfriend went to Vancouver for a few days last week or so and my only wish was that he brings me back goodies from Daiso! =) I went to Daiso stores in Japan and Macau before, always loved it!  I researched around and it appears that the most profitable location worldwide was the Vancouver location. Vancouver Daiso store has two floors and is located in Aberdeen Center. They don't allow photos or videos being taken, so the video clips my boyfriend bought back are extremely shaky. Therefore, probably won't upload it =( Everything in the store is sold for $2 CAD unless otherwise marked.

Top Row, Left to Right
1) Gentle Charcoal Make Up Remover - Made in Korea $2CAD
2) Foundation - Made in China $2 CAD
3) Sake Facial Toner - Made in Japan $2CAD
4) Cheek Colour (Beige) - Made in China $2CAD
5) Ladies Underwear Detergent - Made in Japan $2CAD
6) Makeup Sponge/Puff Cleaner - Made in Japan $2CAD
7) Facial Mask (Coenzyme) $8CAD
I was complaining about these masks because I thought they were expensive for 3 pieces. I'm very used to using Taiwanese brands which is about $1-2 a piece and more reliable. but then my boyfriend said he checked that these are made in Japan and not China so he gave in thinking these can't be THAT bad. I'm so scared of using them because I don't know what to expect. The packaging looks very cheap.  
8) Blusher (gift for Emily) $6CAD
Good job to boyfriend for managing to find something cute and Japanese-y for Emily. He knows how much we love Jap makeup and their cute packaging.
9) Earring Stand $2CAD
I remember seeing these stands in HK Mong Kok selling for about $7CAD so I'm SOOO HAPPY boyfriend got these and x 2!! mwahahahha

Bottom Row, Left to Right
1) Marine Lotion Made in Vietnam $2CAD
2) Pore Cleaner $2CAD
No idea how this is going to work. I'm still playing with it right now hahaha. 
3) Fake Eyelashes (Long Volume) - Made in China $6.50
On the sticker it says it retails for 315yen, which is about $3~4CAD but they sold it for $6.50 plus tax. That's really pricy in my opinion for some no brand eyelashes. *holds fist, feeling ripped off* but my boyfriend don't really know the prices so yeah. *sigh.
4) Double Eyelid Tape (20 pairs) Made in Korea $2CAD
I think that these eyelid tape are overpriced again, I usually buy 20 pairs for $0.25CAD in HK.  These better be good. 
5) Fake Eyelashes (With Glue) #1,3,9,12 - Made in China and Korea $2 CAD each pair.
Yea I was complaining again because I never paid this much on eyelashes before. I personally sell eyelashes so I know how cheap they can be. And he got like some of the same types I already have. but he did noticed that I hardly have any cris-cross so I'm happy he noticed that and got me two pairs =) 
6) Duo blushes with Mirror #21, 22 - Made in China $2 CAD each. 
7) Compact Mirror $2 CAD
The mirror is so prettyyy!! I love this Anna Sui design!!! he said the pink is the last one and the rest are black. I think I'm going to deco it once I got scratches =)

Grand Total: $54.50 + 13% tax = $61.04!! 

Overall, I think that some items are quite overpriced. Especially because I shop in Hong Kong a lot and have been to Japan's drugstores for Japanese make up, some of these certainly don't worth this much money. *ahem, eyelashes* I think that the Daiso in Macau sells things for a lot cheaper. My boyfriend didn't end up buying the junk food because he figured we can buy then for cheaper in HK. Anyway, yea I complain a lot about prices. hahah. The best deal here in my opinion is certainly earring holders, blushes, mirror, detergent and the make up sponge cleaners :) 

ps, thanks bf, for bringing me back this haul! hahahah and  good job for picking up what my girlie wants are :) He knew I wanted a big haul for the blog so he kinda bought everything regardless of the prices. thanks for supporting my interests of beauty/fashion blogging =))

I've been using some of the stuff already!
anyone interested in detailed/mini reviews?? 
Let me know! =))