Don't Ask, Have Faith, Just Believe.

Pink Jumper from Hong Kong
Old Navy Black Leggings
Urban Planet Necklace 

Not pictured:
Sam Edelman Zoe
Mulberry for Target with Fox Tail

This was taken at bf's house. We managed to find this little area in his house where there were no outlets or cable on the wall. It's the most useless space ever but it's alright decent for a casual outfit post scene. As much as I wished I can show you my entire outfit, bf won't let me wear shoes on his hardwood floor, so this outfit really isnt complete. =(

The thing I love most about the jumpsuit is that the cutting is fun to work around with! Different poses can make it look so edgy! I wish I wore a belt now, as I'm writing this post. I think what I lack most in my wardrobe is definitely, belts beLTS BELTS!! I have so much trouble buying them because most Small sizes are still too big for me. =( I'm a size 23-26. I know it doesn't make too much sense, but you know how belts can be worn higher up? my highest is at size 23, and I have such a hard time finding edgy and in-your-face belts for that size =(

We eventually got funky and started having fun with the jumping shots. I couldn't stop laughing at these.
 1) my legs look SOO funny, like wobbly legs 2) my hair looks like a music instrument!! 

Let me know what you all think of this outfit :)

By the way, I'm REALLY excited for next upcoming outfits post! There will be 4-7 outfits, I can't remember right now. I went shopping hardcore to coordinate everything. And since it was kinda rushy, to get all the pieces together, I had to buy them all at regular price (no steals at all)! Seriously broke, no joke! So, do look forward to that!! :) :)!!! 


ENDS: FEB 14th, 2011