Collective Holidays Haul, New York Trip Haul, and some Christmas Presents

Collective Holidays Haul
1) UGBang Aqua Cream. Retails $44 CAD+tax, Sale $36 without tax. Came with plenty of Samples.
2) MISSHA Signature Real Complete BB Cream in #13 Retails $45.99 USD, Bid off eBay for $13 USD
3) MISSHA Travel Size M Vita BB Cream (Matte) SPF20 PA++ Retails for $8.99 USD, Bid off eBay for $4.50 USD

1) Forever 21 Peeptoe Platforms Sale $11.99 CAD
2) E.L.F brushes from Dollarama. $1.50 each. finally found the Total Face brush. All this time, I only see the Eyeshadow and Blush/Bronzer Brush so I was excited! =) I stocked up on another Eyeshadow Brush too! This is my 5th one so far, love it so much!!! 
3) H&M Fur Bag Retails $30 CAD. Got this on Toronto Meet Up Day :) 
4) Old Navy Furry Boots (not pictured because I wore them already) Retails $45 CAD, Sale $13 CAD + Tax

Some Christmas Presents
1) Cash and candies (not pictured) - from my 1st Aunt
2) Coach Medium/Mini Skinny - from my 2nd Aunt
3) Jewelry - Awaiting Grad Present/Christmas present from my 2nd Aunt
4) Handmade Pouch. It's a souvenir from China trip/Christmas present from my 2nd Aunt
5) PINK Pajama Pants in Blue, Bling, Small Size (not pictured) - from my 3rd Aunt.
6) MUFE Aqua Cream in Snow (not pictured) - from my 3rd Aunt.

I know it's mean to say this but, I decided to return the PJ pants because it was way too big and I wanted them to be Pink in color. I went back to PINK to return them and turns out they had panties on sale for $2.99 CAD! So that's what I got (picture above). I still have $17 to spend, I'll wait to see if there're other things I want :) 
**Sidenote, when I was at the states, PINK panties were on sale for $3.99USD. We Canadians got a deal =))

I actually returned the MUFE Aqua Cream as well because I wanted a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil instead. **Thank goodness for Gift receipts** I ended up using the value of the MUFE on Sephora's other products. You will see them below!

Coach Mini Skinny. not entirely sure of the collection. My cousin told me this was Limited Edition and there's a limit of 5 per person. I love how this is such a good size though. I have a lot of cards, gifcards, stamp cards, membership cards so this is very, very useful for me! and LOVE that pink!!

**Sorry, quality of this photo is slacking. I forgot to check it before I moved on to the next item.

Heart Watch with Locket dangles, Crystal Heart Earrings, and Heart to Heart Crystal Necklace. This was from one of my 2nd aunt and family. This is for my awaiting graduation present/Christmas Present. Super sweeeeeet!! Speaking of which, I think my mom didn't give anything to my cousins when they graduated. Probably because she didn't know it's a gesture here (immigrants). Sorry Glenyx and Francis!! I love this a lot. I never knew my Aunts and Uncle knows my tastes considering I tend to be more sophisticated infront of them. I don't go nuts about bling bling and pink and hearts because I'm supposed to be mature for my age. ANYWAYS.. I LOVE IT!! xDD

Swarovski Pink Crystals Locket Charm. This was from Emily. See what I mean by she always out do me? I gave her a pile of goodies for Christmas and more or less expected the same then BAAM! she gives me Swarovski!! omgg. I love this soo much. I love pink and I love lockets and I love charms. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Thank you so much Emily! She knows what I love to the coreeee!! (maybe better than my bf.. *shifty eyes*)

Boxing Day Haul
*Sorry, the first half is some stuff for my YouTube Channel. You can skip to the back for my Boxing Day haul.

New York Trip Haul
1) American Eagle Plaid Shirt Retails $35USD, Sale $27 USD  
2) Forever21 Denim Dress Thing (what's the name for this?) Sale $13.99 USD
3) Forever21 Drop- Crotch Pants Sale $8.99 USD 
4) Mulberry for Target Patent Satchel - Black Retails $49.99USD, Clearance Sale $35USD 

This is my first ever plaid shirt. yea, I can't believe it either. The BF bought this for me so I can match with his. I decided to have some couple outfits in my upcoming posts. We have so much clothing items which matches. It's quite insane. =) I've been eyeing the Drop-Crotch Pants since last February when Comme Des Garcon came out with some. Then in June, Jack was in HK and found some for $49HKD but since he didn't know which pattern to get me, he ended up not getting me any (I was pissed, trust me)  So since I knew they can be as cheap as $7CAD, I never let myself buy them in Canada or US (they were always priced at $15-$70) Finally, they are now on sale. a WHOLE YEAR OF WAITING. i don't care if I ended up being slow in getting them. We just gotta work around with the money we have right?

Instead of spending all the time in Outlets (I got almost nothing from there), we purposely searched up Target because I never ever went to one before. The mission to Target was because I was desperate for EOS Lip Balms. If you followed my Twitter, you probably heard about it haha. Anyways to my disappointment, the Target I was at was out of stock for both EOS and ELF. wtf, what luck. It was almost closing anyways, so Jack and I just lingered around just to see how different Target is from Walmart. We surprisingly found MULBERRY for Target!! I was like OMG! this is CRAZYYYY.  I thought they were long gone! I found a few more but they were really trashed up and there were scratches everywhere. =(( The satchel I got was in good shape, few scratches on the patent heart and lots of dust inside but I can easily vacuum that up. I guess I had a good Target moment afterall =)

1) Coach Medium/Mini Skinny. I raved about this above, I really love the size and everything!! So I bought this from Coach for a Giveaway!! So yes, make sure you follow my blog *points to the left* for more info about it soon!! 

1) Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Collection - got this for Blog Sale
2) Benefit Cosmetics Benetint in Rose - $28 USD ($36CAD)
3) Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral Powder SPF 45 Retails $30 USD
4) Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow in Heist x 2 - got this for Blog Sale
5) C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve Lip Balm Retails $5.50 at Bath and Body. Sale for $5 USD
6) Bath and Body Hand Sanitizer Sale $0.75 USD 

I ended up using the Sephora gift card (from MUFE above) along with 3 other gift cards I had from Sephora to buy the Benetint and the Mineral Powder. It was so AWESOME because, all my gift cards were in CAD and all the items I purchased were in USD. Originally, the SA said the items I choose would come out to have a prorated price due to the exchange rate. However, turns out the SA kept talking to me about my falsies she forgot to do the prorated amount. Also, the instant mineral powder is only available in the US Sephoras, so there's is no prorate. So basically in this transaction, $1CAD=$1USD!! I saved on the Sephora's Exchange rate, and the tax between the two countries!

Ex/ In Canada, Benetint would be $36 + 13% tax = $40.68 CAD. In USA, Benetint would be $28 + 8.75% tax = $30.38 USD  Using my CAD giftcards I saved about $10 CAD. And I saved a few bucks with the Instant Mineral Powder too. Super coool!! 

ps, yeah my resolution for no make up didn't exactly work out but I did buy most of the make up for the Blog Sale so that don't count. and and and it was all purchased with gift cards! LOL And I don't want to limit my skin care because I use something up everyday :)


What do you think of this haul?? Did you overspend during the holidays or just did you spend like any other day? Has anyone tried the Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral Powder? Let me know in your comments!! :)