2010 Wrap Up: Make Up Collection

I'm a box person. I love my products in its original packaging and because it's much easier for storage. This section includes all my liquid foundation, BB Cream, primers, highlighters, powder foundation, loose powder and concealers. I don't think I will ever use up liquid foundations because I'm a huge user of BB creams. I recently bought the 2 Missha to replace my Skin79. I used up about 3 Skin79 BBcreams in 2 years and I think my loyalty for them stops now since the color is not working on me anymore. Let's hope for the best with the new Missha =)
ps, 3 of those powder foundation are actually brand new. I might put them into my blog sale since I doubt I'll get to them anytime this year.

When I look at this, I feel like I really need to stop buying blushes. I mean, how many cheeks do I have? And some of my collection is pretty old since I started collecting at a very young age. The Christian Dior even changed their packaging already and I barely even used that blush. Recently, NARS is one of my fave brands for blushes. It's simply love so I stocked up a few at the NARS sale. MAC blush and highlighters, I doubt I'll ever use those. They are definitely my collection pieces just to look at. hehe. Hopefully I finish using some of these this year so I can add new lovelies, such as more Jill Stuart!!

The 88 Shimmer E/S Palette was my first baby, I carried it with me everywhere I went. It had every color I needed and I no longer needed to buy quads or single eyeshadow palettes anymore. I was never a big fan of buying quads or singles so when I first discovered these in 2008 I knew I had to get them. Over the 2 years, I bought a few more to add onto the collection =) I always feel pretty artsy holding them in my hands and applying colors to my eyes =))

Much thanks to Yinnie for the Sleek Palettes, they make my collection of eyeshadow palettes complete. I absolutely adore the Sleek Palettes because they come in such a dandy size with enough colors to complete a look. Other than my Sleek Palettes, I usually buy everyday colors because these are palettes I put in my make up case. Therefore, most of these quads and duos are generally in Browns (Neutrals) or Blacks and Purples for everyday smokey eyes. 
Definitely not going to let myself buy anymore of these small palettes though. I don't like storage for these because they come in all these different sizes and shapes. I will be collecting more Sleek Palettes though, I just love them so much!

As you can probably tell by now, I'm a huge fan on huge eyeshadow palettes. So this part of my collection is probably quite embarrassing. The eyeshadow pans in zip-bloc bags are MAC eyeshadows which I depotted for the Back-to-Mac. They are generally discontinued colors and I don't even know what to do with them. Hence, they are exactly how you see them. If anyone is interested, I'm willing to sell them for $1 each. I'm trying to sell most of these because I don't like single eyeshadows. They are bad for storage because of the size and shape and I hate having to find that one color when I apply make up. I'm very picky when it comes to packaging so these are very inconvenient for me. 

Pigments are quite fun though, I feel like I have more freedom and can get more creative with them. I'm definitely looking forward to trying the BarryM Dazzle Dust and the Annabelle Pigments as well. 
The pigments in bags were samples from my sister. She's a make up artist, she always have a lot of these extras for me to try. I do have all these colors in my large eyeshadow palettes though, so I rarely grab these to use. (Again, don't know what to do with them)

I'm trying to get rid of all my single eyeshadows (some are brand new) and only keep a small section of pigments :)

I can safely say almost half of those mascaras were given to me from my sister except the Shiseido Majolica Majorca. I love these and I don't think I bought another mascara ever since I got these. I should really throw out some of these mascaras but I'm a collector so they will stay :)

I'm a huge eyeliner freak back in highschool. I just kept buying them in every color and with my single lids, you can't even see them. Yet, I kept buying them no matter what brand, color, or price. Some of these are quite old. ex/ the YSL liquid eyeliners, they changed the packaging already and comes in much smaller sizes nowadays. 

Black Liquid Eyeliner is probably a must have, I kept going though them like crazy. I used up two this year and bought another one a few months ago. I also have a thing with glitter liner pencils/liquid liners, hence you see all those pink topped bottles. I bought all of those last year at SASA and havent even started using them but swatching on my hand. Definitely not going to let myself buy another eyeliner in a really long time.

This section covers all the lip balms, lip treatments, lip glosses, lip gloss tubes, lip pencils and lipsticks. I'm actually not a big fan of lipsticks until I started blogging. So all of the lipsticks you see here were all purchased since June of this year (except the hello kitty x mac). I always bought a few lip glosses in highschool but nothing was really special except for one Chanel and the rest were mostly drug store brands.

My lipstick collections are primarily Pinks and Nude colors with the exception of a few extreme colors. My fave is without a doubt the YSL. a nice dupe is the NYX Strawberry Whip. Most of the NYX colors I bought ended up not to work on me sadly because I'm too extremely pale for the colors. I swatched them all once, and probably going to have to blog sale it if anyone is interested. 

I started collecting these in the past 2 years. I usually buy 1-3 each year and I do limit myself to that number because I want to really like a scent to get it. I find perfumes an investment. Thank goodness for Lisa's Cosmetics so I can collect at a cheaper price. Scents triggers our memories the most, out of all the senses we have. *which makes them so special* I try to avoid buying Calgon, Body Shop and Bath&Body Works scents now but I still do have a weak spot for Bath&Body's Sweet Pea. It's the only scent I ever buy from them. I used to have the complete set of Calgon back in highschool. I thought I was super cool =) Now, these are my everyday staples, I can't leave the house without one of these on me. Next on the list is Marc Jacobs Daisy. :) 
Bvlgari Jasmine Noir is actually a gift from my good friend, Tian. He always gets me perfumes haha. He also got me D&G Light Blue which isnt in this photo because I left it in my Hong Kong home. I love that scent! It's super unique =)

ps, for the longest time, i kept buying pink bottles, and it was entirely a coincidence!


I noticed I was missing 1-3 items in each section as I take photos for them. I do store my make up by function mostly similar to how you see it now so when I miss a few items, it really frustrates me because I already put back that section of stuff! *sigh* What's also missing is the extra stash of items I buy as back ups or what not. Those items are all placed in my BLOG SALE. So if you are interested, please hop over and purchase some stuff of me :) I already got a few Beauty Swaps from Asia going on so I am currently on a break therefore please no more trades. Items are still being added weekly, so do check often! =)

I can't believe the schedule post thing didn't work for me. This was supposed to go up on January 1st but it didn't. I'm super challenged with Blogger still, clearly. Anyway, I hope you liked this post :) I enjoyed it a lot when I was taking photos of it and touching and feeling my make up. (I love my make up okay?!) However, my boyfriend and I agreed that we will try to stop impulsively buy make up for this year. I'm going to invest more into my skincare since it gets used up about 5x faster than my make up stash. I noticed that my skin care drawer is changed almost every 3 months because I go through everything so quickly!

This concludes....

2011 Resolution: #1 NO MORE MAKE UP!
I have tons to go through and tons to review so I'm sure although I stop purchasing them, I'll still have plenty of post about it :) My collection is probably very small in comparison to most of you but to me that's already a lot since I don't apply make up everyday. =P

What's your #1 New Years Resolution? How does your Make Up collection look like?