Toronto Blogger/Guru Meet Up

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone's well :)

I've been talking about this for a while and I've been twittering about this as well. I really wish to have a get together!!!  So now the only problem is to decide on time and location. I truly don't expect this to be a huge get-together since:
 1) I'm no biggie blogger who can do too much influence
 2) This is super last minute
 3) it's easier to get to know each other when we're in smaller groups!


Generally, we're going to meet at Yorkdale - Sephora, hang out and dine at Pickle Barrel
I don't plan on doing a reservation because I'm assuming this is a small gathering. If incase we do get a lot of people, I will make a reservation.

This is for anyone and everyone who is a Toronto Blogger or Youtube Guru (Fashion/Beauty related).
If you are a reader and plans to join us as well, you are of course welcomed!!

My boyfriend is whining about wanting to come (he's a loser) so if you have boyfriends and wanna join, the boys can run off to do their own stuff LOL like buying video games, shoes and all those guys stuff.

I'm setting out some dates for you to choose. Majority will win!
Sorry that these dates are mostly Weekdays. It's simply because, most of the Weekend dates are Dec 24, 25, 26,27 and Jan 1, 2

1) Wednesday Dec 22 5-9pm
2) Tuesday Dec 28 5-9pm
3) Monday Jan 3 5-9pm
4) Tuesday Jan 4  5-9pm

1) Each Person who comes, please bring a gift that is worth $10-$15. Make sure that, your item is placed inside a Bag (and tape the opening) 
2) Put your name (on a card or slip of paper) inside the bag
3) I will number your bags 
4) Before we part to leave, we will start drawing numbers. The numbers will correspond to the gift bags. 
***let's just hope you don't end up randomly drawing your own bag***
5) This is like a gift exchange, thus it's important that you bring a gift if you plan on coming, so no one is left out. 

I hope I didn't lose you, I can be horrible when it comes to explaining things.
* if we're able to get sponsors to provide some freebies, it would be so awesome! 

...below in the following format to let me know which date works best for you. I will announce on Dec 20th night time (after my exam) exactly which date we're all confirmed on. Sorry if your date is not the one picked, I'm only trying to fit most people's choices =)


Please spread out the word and if possible, put it on your sidebar with a picture and a link so others interested can participate too! :) 

**I can fit about 2-3 ppl in my car if you need a ride, I do reside in the richmond hill area. So if your in that area and may need a ride, please let me know in advance.