REVIEW: Sigma F50 Duo Fibre Brush

Sigma Brush Duo Fibre F50

Fresh out of the Paper Shipment Package.

The brush came with Cleaning Instructions, two phamplets consists of information about Sigma's Products and a nice red gift bag.

A closer look at the brush

The brush came with its own brush protector.

What is this Product? (What it claims)
This is the Sigma F50 Duo Fibre Brush.
Specially designed to generate an ‘airbrushed’ finish when used to apply liquid foundation. It can also be used to apply blush, highlight shades and loose pigments. Blend of synthetic and natural bristles.

Directions of Use

Instructions to taking care of the brush.

Main Ingredients
Made from a Blend of synthetic (white) and natural bristles (black).

$16USD. I purchased this during the Black Friday promotion - Free International Shipping
Completed Transaction on Nov 26 and Received it on Dec 7th. A total of 6 business days to arrive to me :)

After reading tons of blogs about this brush, I decided to finally pitch in and ordered from I'm super excited when there was a promotion!
This brush is excellent when it comes to applying your base make up. For example, makeup base, tinted moisturizers, liquid foundation, bb cream and more.

When I first received it, I washed it with baby shampoo (had some leftover from my baby niece) and air dryed. Then I tested it out with NARS Firming Foundation. I noticed that I can use less product with this brush compared to my regular synthethic foundation brush. Also, there are no stroke lines remaining on my face. It was very easy to use and the bristles are very soft!

For washes: I noticed that in the first 1-3 washes, I kept seeing fall-outs. There're about 5-7 hairs each time. By the 4th wash, there're about 3-4 fall-outs and the amount of fall-outs decreased as I wash it more and more. I believe that's how it is with most brushes since they are new. I tend to like to wash my brushes after every use because I'm obsessed with being clean and also because I didn't want the bristles to be stained by any products.
If this does not occur to you, that is normal. This is because every brush do differ slightly, not every hair on your head is going to be he same right? Same goes with brushes even if they are the same model.

Another thing I noticed for the Duo Fibre F50, it is a bit too big for cream blushes. I wanted to start using my NARS DUO Multiples and Canmake's cream blushes, but the brush size is a bit big for the blush (container size) and for my cheek area. There is another size available on the Sigma website and that is the Small Duo Fibre F55.

In the past 2 weeks or so, I have been obsessed with the Stippling Brush! Along with this Sigma brush, I also have the MAC 187SE, and ELF's Stippling brush! I've yet to use the MAC or ELF stippling brushes yet, but I will do a comparison review when I get to it!

Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥
Product: 5/5 ♥ Fits with description perfectly
Packaging: 5/5 ♥ It does not look cheap at all, I was expecting just the brush in a yellow bubble wrap bag.
Price: 5/5 ♥ Compared to other stippling brushes on the market: MAC ($48), QUO($22), and Sephora. This was very affordable.

Update: January 7, 2011
A few days ago, my brush gave me some surprises. So I ended up emailing Sigma Beauty regarding to this matter. 
"Hi, I tweeted to your company's twitter about my brush yesterday. The following are my tweets. I was then told to email you instead. ----@SigmaMakeup is this normal? Last night I was washing lk I always did (baby shampoo) and ... The dye frm black bristles kept running. Now the white fibres has the dye. I never see this on other peoples brushes :/ -- Twitter for iPhone • 11-01-05 11:38 AM I look forward to your reply. thanks - Joyce"

Within 24 hours, I received a reply from them:

"Hi Joyce, Thank you for contacting Sigma. I'd be happy to send you a replacement brush, however, there is a very simple solution that will eliminate this issue. We have heard of this happening a few other times and we are working on eliminating this issue all together during production. If you are ok with fixing this at home, all you need is to mix a 1/2 cup of water and a 1/2 cup of white vinegar and let your brush soak and move it around for=about 30 seconds. Let me know if you need additional assistance. Kindest Regards"

I've decided to try this out first. In case it didn't work, then I will ask for a replacement brush. Stay tuned for further updates!

Update: January 31, 2011
I have tried the method instructed but I'm quite disappointed still because I noticed that my brush has been shedding a lot! See below photo:
There were the bristles from my brush after doing the method as instructed. So I decided to request for a replacement brush. So I emailed and waited about 2-3 weeks and my brush arrived. I haven't used the new replacement yet. So it's currently sitting here. I plan to completely use up the faulty one then start on the new one. 

*None of the links in this blog post are affiliated. Partly because I haven't figured out how to sign up. haha. I have purchased this product with my own money and was not sponsored by the company.