REVIEW: and a Preview of the Clarisonic Mia

Hello! If you followed my twitter, you would probably know I have received my Clarisonic Mia! I was anticipating to this fabulous gadget for so long and it’s such a great feeling to finally call it mine!

Open Box: my package is nicely filled with Air Bubble so that my Clarisonic Mia won't get damaged. Along came my Order invoice and Coupon Code for first time purchase and Return Policies.

Yay! No damages, no dents and everything is perfect!

Front of the box.

Back of the box.

Inside the box. The review for the Clarisonic Mia will come in the next little while. It's currently being charged for 24hours!

Free Samples and a Catalog of's new products for 2011. I'm really happy with the samples because I always get these fragrances from companies! I usually love skincare samples much more. I got a face cream and a lip moisturizer (I really need this).

Since it is a skincare product, it will take at least 2-3 weeks for me to fully test it out and see the differences for my skin. In this post, I will be reviewing and its partners: and

What is
SkinCareRx was created with the intention of making dermatologist and spa-grade, clinically active skin care more accessible. Each line we carry is carefully evaluated for effectiveness and is personally tested by our estheticians and staff -- after all, we would never recommend something we wouldn't use ourselves.

Founded in 1999, SkinCareRx brings together the experience and knowledge of world-renowned dermatologist and cosmetic laser surgeon Dr. Mark B. Taylor with the design and marketing expertise of Kristy Taylor and business administration skills of Chris Taylor.

Our goal was to create an informative, easy-to-navigate site that made it possible for anyone to assemble a customized skin care routine based on individual skin care concerns and skin types. And, for those that are still overwhelmed and don't know where to start, we wanted to have informed, well-trained estheticians on staff to answer their questions and guide them in their quest for perfect skin.

We've always made a conscious effort to provide top-notch, personalized customer service as well as speedy delivery.

Through the years, we believe we have been consistent with our desire to meet these goals, and, as a result, we have grown exponentially. We have come a long way from the two-man operation in the back corner of Dr. Taylor's dermatology practice and we have our loyal customers and dedicated employees to thank for it.

Long long time ago back in July, I won a giveaway from Yinnie ( She hosted a Sponsored Giveaway by At that time, I was very new to the Blogging Community and I did enter plenty of giveaways. I never talked to Yinnie before this and luckily, I was the randomly picked winner (Winner's Announcement Here). To be honest, I don't believe these happens to me because I just started blogging and now there are free stuff?!   Anyway, it was after this giveaway, Yinnie and I started talking through blogs and emails and now we are even doing a beauty swap! So cool to build such an interaction with fellow beauty bloggers in the community! Love you, Yinnie =))

It took me a while to pick items because I was worried about Canadian custom fees and other hidden fees since I'm entirely new to and partners. After weeks of research, I gathered my items and tried to check out my cart. The problem was that MANY brands/lines cannot be shipped outside of USA. I reside in Canada. I emailed a CSR and here is their response back in July!

After that, I slowly forgot about my coupon since I was really busy and didn't have time to go through all the products. and partners has one of the biggest selection in products I have ever seen. From Skincare to Cosmetics to Fragrances to Organic Beauty Products, there are way too many items to go though. The great thing about the company is that, all three websites (, and all share the same shopping cart which makes shopping so much easier) I started remembering I had this coupon when America's Black Friday came around. And I noticed, they were carrying Clarisonic products! So, I finally pitched in!

Price: and partners prices their items at par with more US retailers such as
So for example, on, Clarisonic Mia retails for $149USD which is the same as the Clarisonic Website and (US).

Here's the catch though!! This is especially important for Canadians like myself! At Sephora Retailer Stores in Canada, Clarisonic Mia retails for $189+13% tax = $213.57 CAD (approximately $207.20 USD) and the replacement brush heads are $30CAD each. There isn't $40USD for 2 (which was listed on the site)

Thankfully, I had the coupon I had won from Yinnie's Giveaway, I saved a lot of money for this product!
If you are looking to purchase the Clarisonic Mia as well, I strongly recommend buying from a US Retailer. This is because even with shipping, it's much less than the price to buy it in Canada's stores.

Customer Service and Shipping:
I always enjoyed their timely responses to emails. With the addition of Twitter, it made processing orders seem so much more efficient. I do have a minor hold back on their automated emails though. Here's why. I never got any emails regarding to Shipping and tracking information ever since that last email confirmation/invoice. Since my email confirmation, the package arrived after 13 days. I do tweet about a lot of my online hauls though, good thing, noticed my tweets.

I still haven't got my tracking number till this day but I'm guessing this is because my shipping was standard shipping? (not sure) It did get dispatched on Dec 3rd and I received it on Dec 8th. Although I wonder what would've happened if they didn't communicate with me via Twitter. Anyways, 5 days shipping from USA to Canada, I think that's fabulous! 

Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥

Product: 4/5 ♥ Great product selection. I do wish that more lines can be shipped outside of the USA. I really wanted Juice Beauty Products!

Packaging: 5/5 ♥ Timely delivery and nothing was damaged.

Price: 5/5 ♥ Can I complain? I got my item for just $60 USD and no custom charges!
Customer Service: 5/5 ♥ Professional, Timely, and Efficient. They gets things done!

I had a great time shopping at and partners. I probably will shop again next time! I did find coupon codes everywhere on my invoice and the catalog. Figured I'll share one with my readers whom never tried this company before. I'm not affiliated or compensated for any of these codes though!

Introductory Offer: Receive 20% off your first order @ APCAT20

That's it! I know, picture heavy as ever! Talk to you all soon! 

FTC: I was not sponsored to do this review nor was I told to do a review when I won the giveaway. I did pay the outstanding amount with my own money. All opinions are honest.