Hello Everyone!

If you saw my last post, you would know I have 3 tickets in total. I just got a text from my friend that she can't go due to last minute work scheduling so I decided to ask my blogging friends now =)

I will be choosing to pick the winner.

There are a few rules:
1) Follower of this Blog, let me know your GFC name
2) Follower of my Twitter (If you have one) Please let me know your Twitter name so I can check it.
3) Each Ticket holder has a maximum quota of purchasing 4 Charity bags, you can only keep 1-2 bags, while I will buy the other 2 off you to give to the girl who has given me these tickets. Long story cut short: This is because, the girl who has given me these tickets for free, needs some charity bags. Note that, Emily and I, both have to do this. I will do a better job at explaining when I see you. (I'm really busy with studying right now, so I'm trying to post this up as soon as I can)
4) Leave me your email of course! 

Please only comment once.

The time of arrival is 8:15am on Location. Please be on time, or else I don't know how else I can present you the tickets.

Sorry if this post seems like it's full of restrictions, but like I've said before, these tickets aren't too easy to come by and they do sell for a price on Kijiji and Craigslist. Please understand :)

Winner will be announced on Thursday midnight! I'm hoping to give as much time as possible since this is very last minute!

I look forward to meeting you!