My Niece is in TVB's Home Troopers (居家兵團)

Yup, you read it right. My niece is in a TVB Hong Kong Drama called Home Troopers (居家兵團). My sister told me TVB needed a baby of about 2-4 months to star in a show. And honestly I think my niece was really lucky to be chosen for the show (the best timing ever)!!! She behaved and hardly ever cried. And she happens to only cry on demand which was hilarious! They started filming back in June 2010 and I believe the cast finished filming by September, but I didn't want to post this up until it finally started airing :)

Home Troopers (居家兵團) aired on Dec 27th and I found the first episode around the internet for streaming. My niece has yet to appear yet but I hope to see her show up in some shots. I'm assuming that many of her shots are probably cut out which isn't too surprising because not all the shots are useful. Let's hope we end up seeing glimpses of her! =))

I checked a lot of websites, but it didn't mention my niece's name. Probably because my sister didn't want her daughter to be exposed (too young). My family isn't famous or anything, every once in a while, TVB tries to scout specific people to be in their show because they don't have particular types of artiste in their company. So yup, a VERY cool opportunity!!

Here are some behind the scenes not shown ANYWHERE!

湯盈盈 holding my niece

姚嘉妮 holding my niece

姚嘉妮 holding my niece

姚嘉妮 holding my niece and Liza getting her hair fixed.

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First Episode can be watched here: