Love Package from Yinnie ♥

I've been so stressed and depressed over school and family issues and I really needed something to spark my day up! Guess what I found in the mail? Well, the title gave it away but yup, my beauty swap with Yinnie from ( arrived!! So happy! and my goodness, it came in such a huge box! This is my first time doing a beauty swap and it was a great experience. =)

All the goodies in first glance! So cute, she folded her hand-written letter in an airplane!

Here's the box. I love how it says ROYAL MAIL. sounds so prestige and princessy!
I think the postman took really good care of my package (probaby because of Yinnie's message haha!), it wasn't sealed with tape and can be easily opened but nothing was broken or missing (at least I hope) ^_______^

Let's start!

First up she got me stuff from EYEKO, a London beauty/cosmetic brand. EYEKO means LOVE in Japanese :) Yinnie sent me LOVE ♥♥

Eyeko Cream and Petite Polish (LE)

Yinnie got me Sleek Palettes. I know they are kinda hard to come by because we don't have these in North America and especially the New and Limited Edition ones because girls in UK also go nuts over these. I was like in my "excited and urgy" tone when I told Yinnie Sleek had new palettes coming out! I'm sure Emily knows what I mean by my "excited and urgy" tone LOL hahahah
Yinnie not only got me one, BUT THREEEEEEE. I'm so happy!!!! I have a love for eyeshadow palettes (especially when they have like 10+ colors)!!

Sleek Make Up Palettes in Acid, Good Girl (Limited Edition) and Bad Girl

On many beauty blogs, reviews of these eyeshadow palettes are always close up to show details and I always thought they were massive. But they are actually in a really convienient size and can fit nicely into my make up bag. I love these so much. Thank you so much Yinnie!

Yinnie also offered to bring me some surprises from Superdrug. It's a UK drugstore with many beauty items such as MUA (Make Up Academy) and others. I'm not sure whether she got BarryM from Superdrug though =P I still gotta research some of these since I'm not too familiar with UK cosmetic brands.

MUA Blush in Shade 01 - Perfect blush for me, it is rosy pink with some glitter, BarryM Nail Polish in #150 Red Glitter - an awesome color for the holidays!  3x BarryM Dazzle Dust in #33 Pale Purple, #98 Pink/gold, and #102 Burgundy Noir *New Color* - haven't swatched or even opened these yet so not sure how they will turn out. I have heard wonderful things about these though! Bloom Lip Balm - It's so sweet of her to get this for me. I was just tweeting about having dry lips! I can't wait to try this out!  2True Cheek 'n' Lip Tint - thanks so much for this! I've always wanted to buy the Benefit Tint but didn't want to dish out $36CAD for it. I would love so see if this is a dupe of some sort! Thanks!!

Here are some of the remaining items she got me which I didn't put into a category. She was super sweet to include some masks for me! I really love masks <3 
She included a Rouge Bunny Rough Lipstick in there for me. I heard of this brand before but it's quite a pricy brand. I can't believe she included this for me!! This is a complete surprise!! She also included a pair of lashes!! So sweet.. I loveeeee falsies!! and masks masks masks. 2 Masks by Sanctuary Spa (UK) never tried these before and 1 from My Beauty Diary. :) And of course some yummy goodies! I also started eating the chocolate! I love milk chocolate and dark chocolate. So awesome she got me some! :) some samples from DHC, i always saw this brand around when I visit HK but never got around buying their items. I'm happy to try their samples :) Lastly, a moisturizer from Paul and Joe! :)

I'm so happy with everything she got me. I'm so in love with each and every item and I can't wait to try it out and start eating the goodies <3 I really hope you receive my package soon, Yinnie. I don't know why it's not there yet when I sent it out in November with tracking and insurance :( I think Yinnie totally went over our targeted budget! omg I totally didn't expect to see so much extra stuffies! I am starting to shop for some goodies for you though. I feel like I'm short with mine now seeing what I had received! >.< ahh** no worries though, I never accept more than I give out. I'm going to prepare another package asap! <3

 THANK YOU YINNIE ^_______________^ 
 love love love loveeeee you!!!

* going to add these new items to my "TO-BLOG" list. My list keeps growing. It's going to take me forever to review everythinggg. Do check out Yinnie's blog! It's about Fashion, Beauty Reviews, EOTDs and much more such as Beauty tips! Thanks for dropping by!

Love, Joyce

UPDATED: Dec 18, 2010
Yinnie finally received my package! :) You can take a look here!
I feel so awful because we agreed to settle at approximately $30-40CAD and look what happened to our swap!! If I estimated correctly, she probably gave me $80CAD worth of stuff! Anyways, shopping for Yinnie again woohoo! (Another excuse for me to be a mall rat) Gunna see what else she wants ^___^