Christmas Wish List 2010

Well, unlike a New Years Resolution or Goals of 2011, a Christmas Wish List doesnt have to be too realistic nor achievable. Here I go...

I hope my family can be loving and always be together :) My sister lives in Hong Kong along with the rest of my dad's family so it's hard for me and her to see each other :( I miss her :(
*photo from My sister's wedding. This isnt her wedding gown, just one of her 6 gowns haha.

I hope that mom is healthy and happy and comes home soon!
*photo from My neice's full moon dinner

This is the convocation hall of University of Toronto. Yup, I want to graduate. like now. =.=''
*Photo from

I hope my boyfriend would stop bullying me and make me cry over dumb things because he saids stupid and inconsiderate things at the wrong time.. All The Time.   X_____X

My lovely niece <3 to stay healthy and beautiful and most of all, have wisdom! :) OKAY.. the materialist stuff comes now...

 Holiday Collection 2010-2011

 Fall/Winter 2010/2011 - Pre-Collection
I got.. minorly insulted by a friend of mine recently because apparently to her, I have a large collection of "unknown branded" shoes. "If you didn't buy all of those shoes, you can get a pair of these" Like most girls out here, I'm a shoe addict. However, I earn my own money to buy the clothes and everything else I have that I can afford. On the other hand, she bought all her designer goods with money from her parents. I don't have a problem with girls or anyone spending money their parents gave them. Just, don't be snobby and stuck up. I never ever got allowance ever since I started working my first part time job at 15. If it was anyone else, I don't think I would be able to control the things that would come out of my mouth. She's a friend, so I just kept my mouth shut. Anyway, I'm damn proud of my unknown-branded shoe collection.. but Santa, I don't mind a pair of Chanels :)

Classics Large Flap Chanel Bag. 
 I do believe, this is quite a necessity. It would make my Christmas perfect, indeed. 

I have Big spot in my heart for Chanel. 

My boyfriend got me my first diamond ring in 2009. I told him that I want to collect all the diamond rings he buys me over the years to put them all onto my GIGANTIC diamond ring for our wedding. :) It would be nice to get my 2010 diamond .... 
...hehe.. *he reads my blog.*

This would be my dream life. 
3K = 3 Karat wedding ring

I dont think i'll ever be ABLE to buy this bag. *sigh.



Alaska Cruise

I think ever since Spice Girls, I've wanted to go to United Kingdom. LOVEEE Spice Girls, did you guys go to their concert back in 2008?


Traveling the world would be nice.

I want Lasik Eye Surgery. I'm legally blind at -8.00 to -8.50 degrees. yup.. I'm such a bookworm, NOT.  I don't know how my eyes got this bad. I blame it on the gameboy I got when I was grade 1 and the rest is history.

Probably going to add more when I have more time and come up with more stuff. I had a lot of fun blogging about this one.

What's on your wish list this year??