REVIEW: EBAY 120 Eyeshadow Palette

When both plates are put side by side.

The Packaging is thicker than the regular 88 palettes due to the extra plate.

Interesting eyeshadows with a different mix to it.

Here is the swatches of the funky eyeshadows, it also shows great pigmentation!

What is this Product? (What it claims)
Brand new in retail package
Wonderful 120 full color palettes eyeshadow sets perfer for party makeup/casual makeup/wedding makeup, etc.
Very pigmented and vibrant, palettes includes matte and shimmer eye shadows, easy to match your look!
Rich and leading-the-trend colors, includes 6 new and innovative colors -"mix-and-match" palettes!
With 2 layer easy-to-carry design,palettes are divided into 2 layers, more convenient to use!
High quality ingredients with silky shine color, can last for all day long!
No dye and will not form a annoying eyeshadow mark!
Glossy color and norish ingredients together to care eyeskin around!
Perfect for both professional Salon or Home use!
Feel light and soft,easily create clear and brilliant eye makeup finish.
Portable and convenient to use.
Case Size: 22.7cm x 15cm x 1.7cm

Directions of Use
I usually like to use primers before any eyeshadows for lasting power. Also, it's because, incase eyeshadows are not made of superb ingredients, they dont get absorbed into my skin directly. (I experiment high to low end eyeshadow from time to time)

Main Ingredients
(not provided on their website)
I have contacted the seller to ask for information on this.

about $16USD including shipping.

This is one of my recent purchases from eBay along with plenty others still waiting to arrive. Initally, I wanted to buy the 88 matte palette because I hardly have any matte eyeshadows and i really needed some for my upcoming YouTube tutorials. However, I changed my mind because the 88 matte palette lacked just many reds, oranges, pinks and yellows which is a problem I already have with my 88 shimmer palette.

The 120 palette had many colors (obviously, haha), I did a count of my own:
  • 83 shimmer, 37 matte; of the shimmer colors, some of them are only mild shimmer (less shimmer than the shimmer palette)
  • 2 matte black, 2 matte white
  • 5 Tiffany aqua (matte and mild shimmer),
  • 10 neutral/browns, 10 black-grey-whites
  • 5 red-orange, 13 pinks, 14 purples
  • 5 Tiffany aqua (shimmer), - 11 blues
  • 22 greens, 12 yellows, 9 oranges

You will notice that if you add it up, it wont equal to 120 colors because it's only an approximate because some colors are like "yellow-green" "blue-purple" "purple-pink", you get the idea.

I love the wide variety of colors and shades this product provides, and the pigmentation is great! The eyeshadows are extremely soft, so they do tend to break easily and a heavy hand with the brush might grab too much pigments. 

Since this was an online purchase, I was expecting a few broken eyeshadows since it came all the way from Hong Kong. Luckily, I only had one color which crack slightly and was not a big deal. It came wrapped with styrofoam as big as this size of a shoebox. I purchased this on October 5th, and it came in on Oct 25th, so 20 days is within their estimated delivery time. I'm quite please with the service in general. =)

Overall: ♥♥♥♥♥
Product: 5/5 ♥ Fits with description perfectly
Packaging: 4/5 ♥ Professional, Black but can fall out easily.
Price: 5/5 ♥ Very Affordable
Shipping package: 5/5 ♥ Only a small crack to one of my eyeshadows, not a huge deal.

I have contacted the seller in regards to the ingredients. Unfortunately, they do not know since they are only the retailer. I also requested a discount code for my readers as some of you have been asking to purchase this item. Promocode is "SPARKLYPLAYGROUND"for 5% off the First 5 Readers to purchase from their website. If I'm not mistaken, 5% off is off your total purchase at checkout.

Their Website is:
It appears to me that their website listing price are slightly lower than the listing price in their eBay account. So do check it out and take advantage of the discount code! Let me know if there are any problems!

I hope everyone's Halloween was great! I look forward to seeing everyone's costume!