Peach John 2010-2011 Winter Collection

(Promotional Photos from Hong Kong's Membership Club)

I just received an email update of Peach John's Newest Winter Collection. I am a die-hard for Peach John! Most girls in North America are very obsessed with LaSenza, Victoria's Secret and Pink, however I had many bad experiences with them! Peach John's sizes fits me the best and their material is much more durable than the other brands mentioned! If you are a petite body like me, you will love their stuff. It is flirty, sexy, fun, sweet and can define your curves to a whole new level!

 If you haven't heard of Peach John, it is "a Japanese mail-order retailer of lingerie and women's apparel targeted at women in their teens and 20s" (Wikipedia).  I strongly believe it is for women from aged 15 to 65 not only teens and 20-yr olds. They are extremely popular in Japan and in the past couple of years, they have branched out internationally to Hong Kong.

Peach John also had international celebrities to do marketing campaigns for them, for instance, Beyonce and Fergie! Of course, top Japanese models such as Ayumi, and other models from VIVI are always the face of Peach John!

I try my best to collect at least one piece of item from each of their collection. Last season, I managed to grab two sets. I'm hoping for some love for this Winter Collection!! *Wish me Luck*