WOOOOOHOOO!! I'm all smiles and jolly all around! Look at my beautiful Internet home!! Isn't it PRETTYFUL?? It has been stripped down entirely and professionally renovated! And, this is all thanks to MICHELLE!!! If you remembered my previous blog layout, there was a huge self-absorbed banner of myself (4 pictures of me to be exact) and then a very plain white blog with enormous images which doesn't fit most browsers. Everything was so unorganized and not professional! =( I was desperately looking for a Web Designer and then Emily, referred Michelle to me. She's so attentive to detail and she had so much patience with me. This is what I describe what I wanted my page to be::

I love baby peach-pink colors. I'm extremely girly, but I cannot wear all hime lolita clothes in real life (esp in a big city like Toronto) so I try to show that side of myself in my blog..I would love to have bling bling jewels like Japanese magazines, crowns, hearts, Victorian etc.

Well, I was also very repetitive and worried that my description might not make any sense. So, I included a drawing... (DON'T LAUGH!! lol!!)

I'm stroked by the magic Michelle has done for me. From my ugly drawing/sketch and my limited description, she pulled off my current layout!! She spent 3 days and suffered with minimal sleep to complete this web design. What a Sweetheart! In return, I'm packing a thank you goodie bag for her! =))

Hopefully, you like it. 

Check out Ms Wonderful aka Michelle at these following links!! =)

*updated: November 13, 2012 - added a screenshot of my blog to keep a record what it looks like :)