My Super Late Birthday Recap

For my birthday / Halloween this year, I was a Strawberry Lolita! Kawaiii????
I had so much fun doing my make up for this look! I used glitter and Swarovski Crystals! *fun fun fun*

My Outfit for the first part of my Birthday Celebration!
Fur Jacket, Bling Bling Sequin Top, Black Leggings, Sam Edelman Zoe Booties, Dior Vintage Bag, Tiffany Locket Necklace, Forever 21 Rings

My friends and I went to sing karaoke at RQ. I love singing!! My sister is a Pro Singer, she also teaches singing, unfortunately I didn't learn too well because I hardly practise =( My favourites includes Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文), Joey Yung (容祖兒), A-Lin, 梁靜茹, 孫燕姿, 丁噹, 張惠妹 and soo much more!

Some of my high school friends were able to come! =) love seeing you guys!!

Some of my girlfriends, they managed to come back from different parts of the earth for my birthday celebration! =) yay**

I had a dress up costume hot pot party at my house. Knowing my friends wouldn't dress up, Jack bought head pieces for everyone! How silly do they look!?! hahahah

I wanted to upload some pictures of the HOT POT session, but it looks like a complete pigged-out mess, so I guess I'll keep that away from my pretty blog lol!

These were some of the loot bags I prepared for everyone who attended my birthday celebration! I handmade skeleton shaped bath bombs! along with a balloon and a traditional blow balloon into shape toy. It's an old-fashion toy I found in Macau =)

Emily from managed to drop by out of her crazy busy day!
Thank you so much! I love having your company =))

The lovely card Emily mailed me! So cute!! She even included a $5 coupon for Bubble Tease! Super sweet, it's like "Let me treat you a drink" how cute is that!? Thank you!!

She handwritten and drew everything inside here! When I first showed my dad from afar, he thought it was printed like that. Then my dad took off his glasses and realized it was all drawn! He was so impressed, of course SO AM I! Emily is such an artist! I can only draw stick people.. hehe =P
It's so sweeeeeeeeeeeet!! To be honest, I started blogging expecting no one to read, no one to meet, and then I met Emily and now the 200+ followers! Emily is probably my first friend from blogging and it's super cool how we go shopping together and everything. I never knew how many common interests we have, it's CRAZYY. From fashion, to make up, to preferences and so much more! If we ever happen to be in HK together at the same time, it will be SO BOMB!! =)

On the day of the birthday celebration, she came by to drop off my present -- the Melliesh Blush in #3!!!  Emily is so sweet and attentive, she was observing and she thought I like this when we went shopping together the other day. Such a sweet present. I WANTED THIS SO BADLY!!!! I was whining to Jack about it all the time!! 
*ps, I LOVE the strawberry bag! I love strawberry decorated items!!

THANK YOU, ♥ EMILY ♥!!!!!!

This is the thoughtful and meaningful present from my boyfriend. He ordered a customized fleece blankie for me with most of my favourite photos! (I say most, because I don't like that picture of me gulping down this cup! HAHAHA, but he likes it =.=) Most of these are recent pictures including my LOTD and some memorable vacation pictures! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! I'm scared to ruin it though, might hang it in my room or something =)

Thank you, JACK!! Thank you for organizing the Karaoke session, helping me invite everyone, buying all the groceries and treating everyone to such a fabulous meal! Thank you for being so attentive to details and getting all those headsets as costumes! Thanks for arranging everything, when I was loaded with midterms and school stuff! I'm so glad, you're here with me ♥!!

THANK YOU ♥♥ JACK ♥♥ !!!!!!