Love Package from Amanda ♥

She wrapped it in pretty Pink Sakura bag, such a girly touch to it! I love it!

Earlier in September, I entered Amanda's birthday giveaway! I'm very happy to have won! Before I continue talking about it, please visit her blog! She has really cute outfits and is super adorable! I wish i can find some of her clothes in Toronto! So cute and trendy!

The prize included:
Dolly Wink false eyelashes in #4 Feminine Style, a Pearl headband, Etude house nail polish in 04, and a Pastel Rose ring.
On top of that, she always wrote me a small sweet card. Lovely girl honestly!!! :) :)

I'm so glad to have recieved it! It was very generous of her to host a giveaway for her birthday! :) I actually got it a day after my birthday on Nov 1st. So it's kind of like a late bday present? hahaha I'm also really excited to try the Dolly Wink Eyelashes! I've always wanted them but I thought they were on the expensive side =P Going to review these asap!


I'm going to send a small return gift to you! hope you like it! ♥

UPDATE: December 10th 2010
Amanda received my return gift to her! I'm so gladd <3