Jill Stuart Secret Tease Collection - 2010 Christmas (Limited Edition)

Jill Stuart Secret Tease Collection came out just after my birthday on November 1st, 2010. I've been craving for a Jill Stuart Blush for a very long time because of the color give off and their beautiful packaging! My boyfriend managed to order this from Hong Kong and it finally arrived at my door last night! =)

The entire collection is very princessy. With the black lace and pink lingerie material for the pouch brings sexiness to the entire package.

This is exactly what I have imagined the box and the paper bag to be. Jill Stuart Make Up are made in Japan and I don't expect anything less when it comes to their packaging. If you've done shopping in Japan, you will notice that you always get the prettiest shopping bags when you walk out of the store. This is so pretty!

Jill Stuart Secret Tease Collection Card 

Opening the Box. It's so detailed everywhere. Love it!

Jill Stuart Lingerie-case-designed Pouch
It's so beautiful!

I felt like this collection is so customized because my name starts with a "J" and this "J" charm is atached on the pouch and on the brush.

Inside look of the Pouch.

Jill Staurt Makeup Blush and Cheek Brush - Limited Edition
The cheek brush is detachable from the blush compact unlike previous collections. It's extremely soft and beautifully laser printed. I love how its so shiny! I'm scared to use it! haha

Jill Stuart Blush Blossom 101 Sensual Dahlia Limited Edition
The packaging of this blush compact is different than other collections. It has black lace detailing on the lid of the compact. It is very shiny. Note that all the reflection was made from the flash of my camera and not photoshopped. So gorgeous!

Jill Stuart Blush Blossom 101 Sensual Dahlia Limited Edition (5g)
"Loose cheek powder to layer two colors for customized shimmer and hue. For cheeks hat look like thy are naturally blushing"
This product contains Wild Rose Extract and Almond Oil.

Jill Stuart Blush Blossom 101 Sensual Dahlia Limited Edition

Jill Stuart Cheek Blush
Detailed with Swarovski Crystal in Aurora Borealis (AB)
The crystal color is different than the previous collections. 

Jelly Lip Gloss Limited Edition 102 Silky Pink (9g)
Packaged with black lace detailing. At the top of the cap, there is a Swarovski Crystal in Aurora Borealis (AB) just like the cheek brush.

Jill Stuart False Eyelashes with Glue
"False eyelashes with black feather to play up your eyes for a flirtatious look."

These eyelashes are soft with feather effect. I'm going to save these for a special occasion. They seem to be able to give off a flirty yet sexy effect! Can't wait to try them on soon! Super pretty!

Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color N Limited Edition - 104 Satin Lingerie (6g)
"Jelly eye color with a fresh and moist texture gives a long lasting diamond sparkle and shine."
This product contains Wild Rose extract and Almond Oil.

The packaging, similar to the blush compact, also have black lace detailing which compliments with the entire collection. The scent of this product reminds me strongly of Anna Sui's products!

The Night Jewel Perfumed Body Powder (3g)
"Perfumed body powder with the fragrance of Jill Stuart night jewel eau de toilet. Envelops your body with stardust shimmer and a sweet, sexy scent of sensual floral."

This scented, pink, fluffy powder puff in scented in Jill Stuart perfume - Night Jewel. This is extremely cute and girly! It is packaged in a plastic seal and another plastic wrap. I don't plan to open it just yet in case the scent evaporates.


I hope you enjoyed this post! Jill Stuart is very exclusive in Asia. Their products are sold in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. It is considered high end cosmetics due to its quality and of course, the price. Their items are priced at the Chanel, Dior, YSL range. Sadly, online retailers are often extremely overprice.  =( Last time I visited Pacific Mall (Local Asian Mall), a JS 2010 Blush non LE color was priced at $85CAD ($83USD)!

This is my first time having Jill Stuart Makeup in my collection, so I'm excited to try out the blush and the jelly eye color.  I should be swatching them soon. Like always, I have way too many items to go through. So please be patient with me =( I have exactly 14 days till exams, so I should be hiatus for the next little while. Sorry! Hope you all understand! 

I will be putting some of the items into my Blog Sale. Make sure you check that out if you are hoping to add Jill Stuart into your make up collection! I'm not going to price them at skyhigh prices like ebay or so on. However, please understand that these are limited editions and the colors are also limited editions. =)
PS, thank you boyfriend! I'm going to count this as an early Christmas Present! and Thanks for letting me share some of the products with others! =)

Thanks for dropping by!