Shiseido Warehouse Sale 2010 - Private/Invitation Only Date

Fri Nov 12, 2010 (Private Sale on Nov 12 by invitation ONLY)
Sat Nov 13, 2010 (Open to public)
Sun Nov 14, 2010 (Open to public)

What's at the sale?
Shiseido Skin Care, Make up, Fragrance and Hair Care.
Selected NARS and Orlane products are also available.
Payment by Cash, Visa, Mastercard and Interac.

Shiseido Inc
303 Allstate Parkway
Markham, On
L3R 5P9

This is my first time meeting a YouTube Guru! We actually started talking over Twitter =)
Meet ...
You can visit her in these links:!/rubanxrose

Michele managed to get a Private Sale ticket for the both of us. To thank her, I gave her a little meet up present! I hope you find it useful, Michele!

On the left picture, you can see the conditions of Private Sale ticket =) The invitation ticket is only required for the first day. Saturday and Sunday (Nov 13-14) are open for public!

The line up outside, we had about 50-75 people in front of us. and then about 200 people behind us. 
The ladies there were extremely aggressive and ready to rumble (many were in runners and sweats). 

It's a battlefield, filled with blood and sweat! Want to see evidence??

I resized this photo to a smaller size because it seemed kind of gross. It gushed more blood earlier. I tried to ignore it and the blood eventually dried. Not entirely sure how i got this, might have been nailed by another lady. It's very aggressive there.

My Haul: 
I tried to show the price tag for the items. =P

Shiseido Ultra Sun Protection SPF50, I review this here. This is my HG Sunscreen. 
Reg Price: $49  Sale Price: $24

Shiseido White Lucent Immediate Brightening Set 
$35 (Reg $60-80, Sephora no longer has this)

Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Moisturizing Emulsion
 $32 for 100ml - 3.3oz (reg: $59 for 75ml - 2.5oz)

Shiseido The Makeup Shimmering Lipstick - SL14
$10 (Reg: $23.50)
Impulsive buy, clearly. $18 Shipped, let me know if you are interested in purchasing!
Freebies Included like always.

NARS Single Eye Shadow - Night Fairy

NARS Duo Eyeshadow  - Eurydice (electric aubergine/ graphite)

NARS Glitter Pencil  - Roxbury

Shiseido Benefiance Revitalizing Cream 
This one is for my mommy! She loves night time creams and moisturizers!
Maybe I can have her guest review this haha!
$38 (Reg $68)

Other Items:
NARS Nail Polish: $5
Issey Miyaki Perfumes $25-$45
Shiseido Skincare 1 2 3 White Lucent Brightening - N/A
Shiseido Skincare 1 2 3 Pureness Oil-Control - $30 (retails for $33.50)
Shiseido Skincare 1 2 3 Benefiance Age-Targeting - $35 (retails for $45.50)
Shiseido Cotton Pads $6
Shiseido White Lucent Serum $50
There are much more than this, my brain is not functioning.

These are the available NARS Multiple at the sale. Many girls went crazy over these. They were selling at $14 each. Regular price is $38. I didn't find the color I wanted though =(

Overall, I think that the NARS items is an amazing deal there!! Many asian ladies (aged 30-50) were obsessed with Shiseido Skincare. Some were nice and kind and didn't mind sharing their buys with me because I wasnt aggressive enough to grab certain items. Some ladies seemed to be wholesalers and bought 10 of each eyeshadow, liner duo e/s and more. Ladies around my age (aged 20s-30s) were obsessed with the skincare (moisturizing and white lucent) and the NARS make up. I went crazy with Shiseido skincare as well, I didn't get to find most of the items on my wishlist though. Most of the colors I asked for at NARS were not available. =( I did have a LOT of fun though, I love warehouse sales in general. I'm really happy with my purchases!!

Last photo of the day, we asked a man in the parking lot to take a photo for us. It looked really good in my 2 inch screen on my camera. It didn't turn out too great full-sized though because of the blurryness. Nonetheless, I love our outfits, super chic! It was such a nice shopping experience with Michele! Amazing sidekick and so nice and down to earth. I was worried at first but she was so easy to talk to and everything! I look forward to more shopping and other events with her! =)))

Lastly, my outfit of the day, I'll simply mention what you can see from the picture:
UB Jacket, bought it yesterday with Emily!
UB Head warmer $3.60! (it was a 50% sale)
Leggings and Sam Edelman Zoe

That's it!

More outfits coming up soon!!