Petite Feet Shoe Sale - Part 2

Yesterday, Emily and I were up and ready at 9 in the morning to do a full coverage at the Petite Feet Shoe Sale at Mississauga! This is the first time Emily did a Youtube video, so it was quite exciting and she's a natural!    If you were following my blog, you will know that I went to the Markham sale. Blog Post here. It's my first time going to Petite Feet Shoe Sale at the Mississauga location, so I youtubed some videos to see what was going on! I saw a lady say that the Mississauga location has less selection than the Markham. I can confirm you now, THAT IS NOT TRUE. There were tons and tons of selection. We got to check out the back of the warehouse where there are tons of styles and sizes and many that were new which I haven't seen at the Markham Sale! So, I' pretty glad that I went to both of the sales locations to make sure I didn't miss anything.

(Photo credit:Emily)

Fur Hat, Hong Kong Boutique
White Knitted Top, Hong Kong Boutique
White Pokka Dot Leggings, Forever21
Purse, Gucci
Shoes, BCBG MAXAZRIA If anyone knows the name of these, that would be awesome!! =))

During this visit, I only bought my camcorder. My photos didn't end up as pretty as expected, the camcorder claimed 10.1 megapixel photos but obviously, that is not the case. *disappointed*

Back of Warehouse:
Look at the amount of Sam Edelmans available! I've never worked in a shoe store before, this is the largest amount of shoes I've ever seen in my life. Look at the price tag for these shoes at retail stores. $375 a pair! At this sale, it's only a fraction of the retail price, around 30-60% off!
ps, thank you to the guy right there in the back of the photo, he cut open the plastic wrapper so I can take a photo of this. The staff there are REALLY nice and truly willing to help!

In these pictures, shoes are being divided into the different boxes labeled at size 5-11. Once they fill these boxes up, they bring them to the floor where each aisle represents a different shoe size. This way, all of you can find your shoes easily. It's crazy how many pairs of shoes are available. I think there are over 20,000 pairs of shoes here for sure. Everyday, they have a new shipment of shoes unloading. There's actually another room which is empty for additional shipments and trucks to load in!

Boutique Brands:
A new section of the sale with brands including: Sam Edelman, Vince Camuto, Max Azria and Via Spiga. This section of the sale carries shoes which retails at a higher price range ($200-$400/pair)
Prices at the sale: Sandals $75, Shoes $100, Booties $125, Boots $175
More shoe designs can be found in my video!

More Shoes:
The brands includes: Fergie, Jessica Simpsons, BCBGeneration, Libby Edelman, Sam Edelman, Vince Camuto, Max Azria and more. These shoes retails for $100-$300 a pair!
Prices at the sale: Sandals $50, Shoes $60, Booties $80, Boots $100, Leather Boots $125

My haul:

I ended up taking home Sam Edelman "Sutton" in Putty Suede. The retail price of these is $350, Emily happens to take a photo of the box of these boots for me! At the sale it was sold for $175.

Of course, I would be stupid if I didn't take these with me. Sam Edelman "Zoe". These booties retails at $345 at Normstorm! At the sale, they retail for $125. CRAZY PRICE for these babies!! There were so many sizes for these!! Oh, and Emily got these shoes too! =)) 

Special Thanks
Me, Larry (Owner), Lindsay (Superwoman), Emily

Thank you so much for having us at the Sale, we both had a fabulous time! Larry, like mentioned before, was extremely down to earth. It was fun to do an interview with him, he has a great sense of humour and truly understands women's love towards shoes. Lindsay is what I called the superwoman, it's incredible to see the work she does at the sale. From the back with inventory unloading, to the front line cashiers checking out shoes, you'll see her running everywhere! We literally caught her for half a minute for this picture! Emily and I both had so much fun! Thank you so much for having us and allowing us to take these beautiful shoes home =)



6900 Airport Road Mississauga, ON L4V 1E8

VIP DAY – Thursday, Oct 21st – 10am to 9pm
Friday, Oct 22nd – 10am to 9pm
Saturday, Oct 23rd – 10am to 6pm
Sunday, Oct 24th – 10am to 6pm