MAKE UP FOR EVER - Intro to Make Up in the Professional Environment

Yesterday during my journey to my next class, I found out MUFE was having a make up seminar in my school! It was organized by a student society named Women in Business (WIB). I registered for their membership right away for $5 only to find out I have class the same time as the seminar! so girls, don't be jealous, I missed most of it. I went on MANY washroom breaks though lol.

I did make it in the last 5 minutes to ask a few questions and meet both the lovely and talented Melissa Nicholl (Educational Artistry Executive) and Jacquie Jeffery (Regional Manager). I asked Melissa on some info about IMATS 2010. Since it will be my first time, I don't know what to expect. MUFE at IMATS will be priced at 40% off!!! I found out that there will be many brushes there which are not sold at Sephora locations. If you want to save time from lining up, there is also pre-order! All you have to do is, call up the Montreal MUFE #(514) 288-4445 and there will be more instructions =) Aside from IMATS, The Bay (Queen Street & Yorkdale) carry many products that Sephora does not carry! So if you cannot attend IMATS Toronto, you can still find a wide selection of MUFE products at The Bay counters!

I also asked Jacquie about how to do a crease look with Monolids (and some puffiness). She was so detailed and enthuisastic when she was teaching me! =)

They are so nicely put together while I look like Slack. It's okay, I feel quite beautiful with them around me :)

Jacquie teaching me how to do the crease look! She's great, she was full of energy and taught me useful ways to do it! going to try it soon!

I look forward to seeing them again at ...

IMATS Toronto 2010! By the way, anyone going from Toronto?? I'm making a list of things I want to get already. Some includes, crown brushes, MUFE!, NYX and probably some theatrical items. I'm sure my sister (MUA in HK) is so jealous she's missing out! haha.