Had to take picture of this! It was clear and unscratched like Mirrors! Then of course, after this shoot, no more flashy shoe-bottoms =P

My attempt to do a Candid shot haha.

Just for security, I decided to cover the license plate with a butterfly. JS comes from my nickname, Jayce. The rest of the license plate will be kept private.  :) In this picture, my boyfriend and I were trying to capture the Angel Eyes (the headlights). We saw in E46 forums some special effect pictures with the lights and tried to imitate it. haha 

I can't believe how long I saved these shoes for the shoot!

Leather Jacket - Danier
Faux Fur Vest - BEBE
Fringe/Mirror Top - BEBE
Jeans Shorts - DIY
Silk Scarf - Japan
Lacy Leggings - Japan Department Store in Harajuku
Chain Booties - BEBE

The style of this photoshoot was quite different from my other times when I do OUTD/LOTD because I'm trying to bring a new edge to it and I'm loving the results! Many times my boyfriend said to me, stop looking to mean/angry!!! haha I tend to do that especially when I don't smile. haha. I always admire strong, independent woman and I also adore the mode look. Pumping up hip hop and rap music helped me get into the mood :) I had so much fun! Hope you guys like it!