HAUL: Value Village Halloween Collection + Dupes

I decided to drop by Value Village in hopes to get some ideas for my next DIY project. I had a few ideas lined up but it never hurts to just stroll around for more. The sign outside Value Village was VERY big saying they have lots of Halloween stuff. I love looking at these things, so I went straight to this section. I look lots of photos for you all to look at =)

::: Costumes :::

These would be my faves. Alice in Wonderland looks super cute, I might be that for next year. The Wolverine cracked me up, they even have cushioned muscles for little arms!

::: Wigs :::
I have a mini wig collection because I love dressing up! I got my wigs mostly in Hong Kong and in the States. I had a few readers ask me about where I got my wigs; and they told me how most of the time on ebay and amazon were quite expensive! Well, if you are on a budget, Value Village has a wide variety right now. and if I remembered correctly nothing is more than $15CAD. They even have one for Snooki (Jersey Shore) LOL!

::: Others :::
The boots cover is such a smart idea. This gave me an inspriation to do a DIY of my own. I will post that on youtube as a tutorial once I get all the materials =DD  Those Mickey Headbands are such dupes to the ones which were sold at Tokyo Disneyland for $12 USD- $18 USD. The ones at Value Village are sold for $3.99 CDN. I visited in 2009 with my boyfriend. This should give you an idea of what i mean:

If anyone is interested in Tokyo Disneyland, I can do a post on it. I got tons of photos to share!  Let me know!

I believe I'm a huge eyelashes freak. I love them so much I even sold eyelashes in my shop =P My collection has over 1000 pairs of eyelashes. yea, crazy =P and I'm not even a make up artist or anything. I started to make some of my own eyelashes too. Remeber the feather ones in my previous post? =P anyways. I spotted something in their eyelashes collection which I CANNOT leave the store without! Do you spot what I see here?

::: Haul :::
This is what I ended up getting!! I was like *LOUD GASP* when i saw these!! I bought two pairs because I might need back ups or for beauty swaps. =)) These are like a dupe for shu uemura Premium Black Gown False Eyelashes which were selling at $46USD ~ $50 CAD. kinda wished I found these before I did my Gothic Lolita Tutorial now =P
Anyway, here are some pictures of the actual shu uemura Premium Black Gown False Eyelashes
I truly think the eyelashes were the highlight of my day =)) 10x cheaper hehe!