Gothic Lolita Tutorial - Feather Lashes and Textured Eyes

Let's hope I didn't scare you =P I did this look a while back as you know from a previous post. It did take a while for the video to be edited. *sadly..But it is here. seems like I won't be able to get all 3 looks/tutorial done in time with the amount of work I have on my hands right now. But I will get to it as soon as I have time to.
ps, special thank you to my bf for helping me with the editing. he hated this look and had to stare and edit this video for the longest time. on top of that, i was being picky about details. haha THANK YOU!

Do you guys like the feather eyelashes I diy-ed? I'm not sure if i should do a tutorial on it because it doesn't seem to be very professional (the process, and materials) Let me know in your comments. If I get a positive response, then sure why not! :)

I have two black lolita outfits because my sister and I did a shoot together back in Macau 2009. They were pretty expensive when I bought them as they retailed for $100USD a set, so i paid $200USD altogether. I'm thinking of selling one of them since I don't want to keep two sets. (Especially when they are the same color theme) I will sell them for $70USD/set. The set will include hair piece, top and dress. Only wore twice outdo If you want to buy pieces separately, that's fine too. More details will be posted up.

Here's the youtube video:

I just got my 120 palette in the mail. yay another palette to my collection.
I LOVE PALETTES. I think it's because I'm a last minute person and hates to search for that ONE color. Palettes makes everything easier for me :)
Should I do reviews and compare them??

I did my nails again. Next post =)