GEL NAILS: Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Pink Nails

I had a chance to do my nails on October 20th, the night before the Petite Feet Shoe Sale VIP day. I figured I had to film a video, so I wanted to have pretty nails :)

October 31st, is my birthday (yes, tomorrow!)
I figured I'll do something fancy ahead of time so I don't have to do it during my birthday week. (Especially when I'm piled with so many midterms and other errands to do)

I planned to be a Pink Princess/Hime/Strawberry Lolita for my birthday this year. I mentioned it in this post. Obviously, I didn't know my midterm dates back then when i planned all of this. (I don't really get to celebrate it now though.. Finance midterm on November 1) So this set of nails, is themed towards what I wanted to be for my Halloween Look.

I will be doing a Sweet Strawberry Shortcake Lolita look on Youtube after Halloween. =( I have posted how the sneak peek might look like here in this post.

Sorry that it didn't make it for Halloween! But I'm sure my subscribers will understand since they are around the same age and has our priorities set to school.

Nails Description:
This set costs $75 for a full new set; $60 for a refill.
Normally in Japan, for a set like this will probably cost $100-200USD
These nails are made with Pink Acrylic Powder. I also did Acrylic extensions instead of using nail tips. I used nail glue to glue the ribbons and strawberry cake plastic parts on. All stones are Swarovski Crystals.

If you are located in the Toronto area and would like your nails blinged up,
you can contact me at

Parts for Sale:

If you are an acrylic or gel nail technician and would like to recreate this look.
If you would like to deco your personal belongings, I do sell parts!
You can purchase parts instead and save from $40 - $100 compared to getting your nails done at a salon!!

Package will include:
4 Strawberry cakes in different shapes
10 Swarovski Crystals in different sizes
4 Ribbons (pink and white/glitter)
2 Hearts

No bling effect added from photoshop.
Photo taken with flash,
look at the crystals & ribbons! =)

My boyfriend helped me make this Buy Now button, isn't it so cute!?
So, If you see this anywhere else, you know where they took it from! haha