DIY Green Beans Facial and Cleanser + Youtube Tutorials

This is a recent video I uploaded onto Youtube. =)
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Item Name:  Kuan Yuan Lian - Green Beans Cleanser

To purchase Green Beans Powder: *simple click on each size for link*
80 Grams
200 Grams
300 Grams

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My Piece of Mind.

I've been changing my daily posting habit to a post every few days just to balance out my priorities. My midterm dates has been finalized and it slightly missed my birthday on October 31st. Yes. I am a halloween girl. It's quite fun to be honest, the parties are awesome. I'm only taking 3 courses right now as this is my last semester of UT. The courses I'm taking right now are hardcore in my opinion so I need to take some time away from my internet world. they are: 1) Intermediate Statistics - Management Science 2) Managerial Cost Accounting and 3) Intermediate Finance. I must finish these in order to continue to pursue my dreams ..which i have plenty. It doesnt hurt to dream, does it?

Make Up Tutorials
Another thing is, I made myself a promise I will do some make up tutorials on Youtube. Since Halloween is coming, I might as well do them. I have 3 make up tutorials planned. I gathered all the materials already (head to toe):
1) Gothic Lolita Look (still choosing which set out of the two)
2) Sweet Strawberry Lolita Look
3) Hime Princess Look.
I'm pretty excited for it. I hope my viewers and anyone who enjoys these looks will like them too.
* I actually ordered cosplay/pink/circle lenses in advance for these make up tutorials. Well, some unfortunate incident happened, where one pair of lenses was defective; I had to order another pair from another shop. Let's hope this other shop sends it on time...

It really sucks when you had planned things in advance, and it still doesn't work out. =(

Sneak Peek Photo of the outfits:

Deco-den Tutorials 
Last thing is, I recently filmed a tutorial on bling-ing *deco-den* for heels. It's in the process of editing and voiceover right now. Hopefully it will be uploaded and processed by Monday latest.

Sneak peek photo:

Sorry for so much of my jibberish and hardly any visuals which may make this post quite boring. but I think the blog will lack character if I continue only posting the materialistic things in life. Hopefully I didn't bore you too much! Tomorrow I'll be going to Nuit Blanche 2010 in Toronto. I'm glad Emily from THISWASFOREVER posted the event on her blog. I totally forgot because I kept thinking the event will be held in November. *stupid me* I missed out two years of it because I was being a wuss and kept complaining it's too cold. I'm going to suck it up this year and "experience Toronto transformed by artists" haha.

Are you going to Nuit Blanche?
Do you like Lolita Tutorials on Youtube?
Any other make up tutorials I should do??

Looks forward to all of your comments!