Have you ever felt like everything seems to be moving too quickly, passing by too fast, and being consumed without a second to breathe? Lately I have been forcing myself to make day plans with deadlines so that I don't let time slip too easily. I don't want to waste any more time. I want to accomplish more and procrastinate less. I started to feel like I was in baby steps all this time. I look upon my peers and I feel very behind. My 2 best friends are in Grad schools doing JD/MBA while the other is doing meds. While others have met Clinton, doing 9-5 on Wall street and one in particular got their CA at 20. As much as I know I shouldn't be comparing but, there's no excuse. We all have the same brains, the difference is the time, dedication and effort put into the process.

Don't let time go. It won't come back.

ps, my facial lady told me I gained and deepened my "tiger wrinkles" on Friday. I was upset the entire weekend!  Especially when Fall is here (dry and cold), gotta pull out my super duper skincare routine to fix everything!!

I need a day where a second, goes at the speed like the below speed limit. lol haha

Harajuku Japan (random store) Turban Scarf
Cuba Flea Market, Knitted Hoodie Jacket
Forever 21 Dress
Hong Kong Boots
DIY Earrings

I started with the dress and then pulled the look altogether. The dress is one of my most recent hauls along with a BLINGED out tote from F21. I got this dress for $9CAD. crazy sale right? I KNOW!! =D

ps, I love scarves as a hair accessory. I have used it in my past FOTD but I never tried it in Turban style before. Universal Doll does a really good tutorial on it. Check her post here!

Skin79 Oriental BB Cream
GEO Nudy Brown
88 Shimmer Palette (light pink, hot pink, grass green)
28 Warm Neutral Palette (Black and to contour face)
28 Blush Palette
False Eyelashes - Cat eyes shaped (Here)
M.A.C. Lipstick - Myth
Rimmel Star Dazzlers - 020 Delirious

For my eye make up, I tried to use colors which resembled the colors of my scarf. This look is very spring colored, not exactly what I intended though. I actually wanted to wear my fur boots, but its still too warm for that =P maybe next week =)

My Camera Man
thanks for always taking my crap. We have a lot to learn from one another. This road of ours is long, hand in hand, we will walk together..

“I'm tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.” 

Ending off with a small reminder to self, what i need to be for the next little bit to accomplish something really important to me. Wish me luck and thanks for dropping by ! =)