Jacob Business Jacket
Hong Kong White Lace Shirt
American Eagle Wool Skirt
Forever21 Red Over Knee Socks
Urban Planet Oxford Heels
IZZUE (Hong Kong Brand) Red Wool Hat

This was originally my outfit throughout the day. It is such an attention grabbing outfit. I'm guessing it's due to the red color. If I had a black hat and black socks, I don't think many people would look at me the way they did. During the shoot, as you may notice, the stormy clouds were building up. It was freezing! So I put on my white fur jacket and also adjusted the settings so photos appear brighter. *See below photos*

Fur Jacket was passed down by my older sister. She bought it in Hong Kong. This jacket is rather different from my other fur jackets because of the diagonal zipper. Usually, fur jackets open in the middle and has hooks as buttons (the more typical closure). I really love it, except it sometimes makes me look like a box due to the bold shoulder cutting.

Please keep comments free of topics regarding to the real fur versus faux fur controversy. Thanks :)

This Louis Vuitton was a gift from my mom when I won a Deca award back in High School. It was originally part of her LV collection, so it's not a new present or anything. My mom and I are really strict when it comes to our purses and bags. We never share purses/bags so when she gave this to me, it meant that I can finally wear it whenever I want (aka, she doesn't want it anymore) haha =)

My hair actually makes me laugh. It was a complete hair dying accident. My hair grows very fast, I mean like it grows about 1cm a week. I have to bleach the roots very often but I can never get it as blonde as the rest of my hair (go that done at a salon). I started to have this, horizontal two-tone.
I read from Universal Doll's blog post that horizontal two tones is a trend for hair nowadays.

An example of Two-tone hair: Kanako Kosaka (picture I got from Mitsu's blog post)

So, who says accidents are always bad? haha =P

Make Up Used for this Look.

Sadly I don't think this is my best make up application =( Anyways, the main focus was actually the lips because I wanted to try red lips. I can never look good with red lips because my lips are thin.
My good friend, Tian, gave me a red lip stick for Christmas one year and I can never use it because I don't look good with it. He's been mad at me since haha. Well, I figured a way to use it.

I use the Chanel Lipstick in New York Red and gently dap my lips. I avoid gliding on my lips to avoid the bold redness. Then I use Urban Decay Lipgloss in Timothy. I love this combination. :)
Kinda reminds me of M.A.C Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick/Lipgloss.

WOW, longggg post. Hope you guys like this, just trying to combine more things into one post instead of spamming your dashboards. Let me know what you think. and big thank you to your comments/suggestions for circle lens shops. I placed a new order for pink circle lens. More to follow when i get them :)

thanks for dropping by :)