I was introduced first by youtube gurus about Luuux. Thinking it was a complete scam, I ignored it. However, it brought up to my attention again when I saw the post by Emily from THISWASFOREVER. I "youtubed" it and saw more gurus are reviewing on the website. The idea of the site is that you post and earn LUUUX$ and then use those LUUUX$ to purchase goods. I said this to myself too, it sounds too good to be true. But, seeing so many success stories over the internet, I thought, why not.

So I decided to give it a try. I have not recieved anything from the site yet, so this isn't a review.  The prizes are luxurious goods such as the Louis Vuitton Tivoli PM Bag and Burberry Check iPad Cover. Very tempting eh? It's easy to earn LUUUX$, here are some ways:

Adding Content On Luuux

  • When someone makes a purchase from one of your Shoplinks, plus a percentage of the sales commissions in Luuux $ These sales commissions can really add up!
  • Adding a post
  • Adding Shoplinks to your post

Earn Luuux Just By Sharing And Being On The Site!

  • Invited friend becomes a Luuux Member
  • Adding a comment to a post
  • Adding a rating to a post
  • Share a content posting on Facebook
  • Share comments and ratings on Facebook
  • Share your Luuux status on Facebook
  • Share your Luuux wishlist on Facebook
  • Reporting Abuse on a site comment
  • Reporting Abuse on a site post
I can't agree more to what Emily said about LUUUX being really really slow. The time to upload a photo is pretty slow.  I'm guessing because there's so many things happening on the server every second.

Oh by the way, LUUUX is pretty networked. By this I mean, I found a lot of my subscribers from youtube and some friends at my school who are very active. You may find a lot of your friends who are doing just about the same thing to get that GOAL. Mine is the LV Tivoli PM Bag. haha

Just for laughs, you will see a lot of random technology posts which are posted by my boyfriend under my account. I told him, if you help me post on this site, you don't have to get me anything over $500 this birthday LOLOL. he almost ran to his macbook. ahhahaha

If you want to try LUUUX out....