The Clothing Show

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The Clothing Show - Fall 2010 Edition - Sept. 24-26th
The Better Living Centre
195 Princes' Blvd
Toronto, ON, M6K 3C3


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♥My Last Visit:
I went to the last Clothing Show back in Spring 2010. I wasn't anticipating too much so I was not disappointed. There is a variety of items at the show such as, vintage clothing, new designers, jewelry, shoes, dresses, hair accessories and more. There are also fashion shows.

Starting with clothes and dresses. There is a huge vintage area, I fell in love looking at everything there. They can be mean when it comes to taking photos and videos though. Prices can be negotiated. I went one one of the last days and late as well, I probably missed some of the best pieces. The Vintage area reminds me of my Japan trip where there are tons of second hand stores.  I saw a few stylish girls shopping there too.  There are also many tailored dress booths, prices are very high. It was nice to look at the dresses though. My advice is not to look for low prices here, rather or its unique designs and hand crafted goods.

In terms of accessories, there were a few shoe shops, they are around $40+. Many many jewelry booths are there, of which, I fell in love with the one which looks like a flea market. haha. That particular jewelry booth was selling everything at $1. I asked the owner and he said everything was preowned. At booths like these, you really had to dig through everything to find something good. By the way, it was VERY crowded. I actually found a ring which said JOYCE on it (which my bf wears) picture below haha.

I went on the last day, thus I was able to get some swim suits for $10. One of the swimsuits didn't fit because the booth didn't provide any fitting rooms. *sigh.

I hope this review of my last visit helped you get an idea of how it is. Let me know if you plan on going! =)