The Angels have landed - Haul at Yorkdale Mall + UPDATE!!

As we all know, Victoria'a Secret finally opened their first store in Toronto's Yorkdale Mall. I really liked their marketing campaign. It's flawless. Even a non-Victoria's Secret fan like myself, went over to check it out.

ps, I'm a huge Peach John fan. (any fellow bloggers a PJ fan??)

Since I didn't line up to get into the store, (it's too crazy, and I was on a mission to do my final shopping for my trip) I did pop to the free photoshoot area for some freebie fun! =)

I looked really bad that day actually, and so obviously i had a crappy picture LOL
Anyways, here's the whole process and what you get out of it. Apparently, you had to spend $100 to get a VIP backstage pass to see the supermodel or something. But like I said, I'm not a huge fan, I'd much rather spend on Peach John *my loveeeee* =)))

I really like how the whole event had something for everyone which was great! Good Campaign right? Great Job VS!

Here is my haul:::

I almost got peer pressured by my friends to get this for cuba, going to do a detailed review when i get back =))

After seeing so many pictures of this. I HAD TO GET IT. It's so princess to me. Look at that gold and pink!! LOVE LOVE. Full review soon!

Yay, my first nude lipstick! Do you like using this? I wanna know how to wear this best!

I'm pretty sure I won't be a NC15 when I get back form Cuba. *boohoo, I enjoy being pale/fair and vampire like haha.

OMG, almost forgot, I'm doing my last minute packing because I'm leaving in 4 hours. yes, REALLY last minute. I will be picking the winner either.. on the way to the airport or when i get back!!

Thanks for dropping by and really sorry for making you all wait!!
Love, Jayce