Weekend Haul and fun things at Vaughan Mills (Pic Heavy)

Ever since the Cuba trip has been confirmed, I had a huge problem with controlling my spending! So I decided to set up some goals before I go shopping that way I don't buy on impulse. I wanted to find bikinis and a beach hat and one dress. Of course, that did not succeed. I bought more than needed. and I also made excuses for it. horrible me!! I went to Vaughan Mills because there's a lot of stores and it's huge! There are also lots of designers to choose from!

Another find at Claire's. I love love love ribbon accessories. And I would say this is a pretty good selection! This rack reminds me of my Japan trip, where there were lots of pink ribbon hair accessories everywhere in Shibuya 109! Again, good alternative I'd say!

Bath and Body started having Halloween Themed hand sanitizers. Especially because my birthday is on the day of Halloween. It think this is SUPER cute! =))

Went into old navy in hopes to find some dresses and flip flops. I did see some super cute Halloween costumes for my baby niece. and i also saw the back to school display. SUPER cute! look at that huge calculator!!

These sorbets were super yummy! Not too too overpriced either!

I truly recommend you to try if you haven't already!

I love pastel colors for nail polishes recently. And here I found a pastel set of at Claire's. This is so pretty! No comment about the quality yet since I haven't tried them. But if you were looking for the Dolly Wink Pastel Nail polishes, these can be a nice alternative. This whole set is about $14.75. Pretty good deal!!

This is one of the things I bought from Claire's. A jewelry organizer. I do think i paid overpriced for it. =( But I've been looking for one for so long I kind of just, gave up and gave in.

Finally got myself a pair of pink high heels. I have been looking for soft pink color heels since May. Again, I think I paid overpriced compared to the shoes I could get in Asia, but I do decide to deco these so yay! =) *I will do a Video on these for sure!*

Out of desperate need of a Sun/Beach hat, I got one from Stylesense? I really like it!! =)) I hope it somehow matches my stuff for Cuba! =D

I'm actually planning to start going nail polish swatches. Would you guys like that? I'm so behind in replying comments! I haven't been home lately!! And I got a blog award that I still did not post. oh my goodness. So sorry for that =(((

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