REVIEW: SHILLS Black Angel Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Mask & GIVEAWAY!

This is the box's front cover *click to enlarge*

What is this Product? (What it claims)
Shills Black Angel Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Mask is an ultra-fine particles technology embed in bamboo charcoal with the capacity of anti-bacteria with excellent absorption that can draw out and decompose the impurities such as sebum and dirt inside pores. The far infrared ray released from bamboo charcoal can facilitate the essence infiltrate deep into skin. 

The special blend of Hawaii seaweed gel can facilitate your skin metabolism and regulate sebum secretion, to fight against signs of aging. The Hyaluronic acid enhances your skin hydration, which can quench your skin. Arbutin, Chamomile extract and peppermint extract, which can not only calm and relax your tensed skin, but also brighten your skin in a wink of an eye. Your skin will look luminous with irresistible charm! 

This is the box's back cover listing out the ingredients and directions of use.
If you don't want to enlarge, I have typed it all out for you below :)

Directions of Use
Take out the mask and put it on your face for 15 - 20 minutes (apply the film side on the skin). And then massage the essence on your face to be absorbed without rinsing. You can apply it frequently accordingly to your skin condition.

Main Ingredients
Purified Water, Algae Extract, Dipatassium Glycyrrhizinate, Biosaccharide Gum-1, Glycerine, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Trehalose, Niacinamid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Witch Hazel Extract, Essential Oil, LS 9332 { Mannito (and) Ammonium Glycyrrhizinate (and) Caffeine (and) Zinc Gluconate (and) Aesculus Hippocastanum(Horse Chestnut) Extract}, Chamomile Extract, Arbutin, Malva Sylvestris Extract (Gigawhite), Mentha Piperita Leaf Extract (Gigawhite), Primula Veris Extract (Gigawhite), Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract (Gigawhite), Veronica Officinalis (Gigawhite), Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract 1(Gigawhite), Achillea Millefolium Extract (Gigawhite) 

Each Individual Mask's packaging.

How it fitted on my boyfriend and I.
We look like robbers or ninjas, ooh we had fun! hahaha!

Retailing at US$ 8.50 at
7 Sheets per Box.
Each Individual Sheet contains 25ml of Essence

I'm not too familiar with this brand (Shills) until I saw this product featured on the Beauty TV show "Queen" (女人我最大). Shills is a Taiwanese Brand and is researched and produced entirely in Taiwan. (see their offical website here) On their official website, they also displayed their international recognized standard certificates such as ISO 9001 to show they are a trustworthy company. For me, I'm ok with it as long as I see the results on my skin. haha. 

I was drawn to the product because I was very curious to try out a Black Mask. How can something Black be whitening for the skin? After using it for two weeks, 5 masks in total. I believe my skin probably brightened up to about one shade. Not significant but I believe that is partly due to the fact that I'm naturally very pale. I had no skin irrations whatsoever and very minor blemishes did disappear. Results were quick and easy to see. I liked that it was hydrating for my skin however, it is not ver longlasting. My skin worked like a sponge and absorbed the mask very well which means the essence and the mask is of great absorbance. The fit was not bad either, I have a small forehead, so for me, the mask was a bit big but it fit perfectly with my boyfriend's forehead (average person's size). It didnt fit that great for the chin area though, maybe it is because we were making faces, but I had to adjust it a couple of times anyways. 

Lastly, small things that caught my attention. If you actually read through the packaging on this box. It is quite funny. The grammar for "directions for use" is poor. Also, the ingredients info don't seem all that professional. What is this gigawhite substance? I'm guessing superwhite. hahaha 

Product: 4.5/5  Brightened, helped clear blemish, hydrating but not long-lasting results.
Packaging: 3/5 Poor Grammar and unprofessional. the Design is old fashioned. 
Price: 5/5 masks which averaged to be about $1 USD/mask is pretty good price for me.