REVIEW: Lash Royalty False Eyelashes (Pic Heavy)

Basic Info on Lash Royalty
- Click here for website
- based in L.A
- launched website in June 2010
- covered many events such as Official Twilight Eclipse Red Carpet Premiere

Product Info
Name: "Ballerina"
Price: $15 USD + Shipping
Description (from website):
This gorgeous wispy style, is among one of our best sellers. Natural layers of lashes, with just enough length to make your eyes really stand out. Ballerina is the ultimate lash, that has become really popular with the brides to be!

Photo Comparison:

With Lash Royalty (Both Eyes)

Natural style eyelashes are made with the goal of simple enhancement and to seem as they are your real lashes. This is why I usually do not like black bands because it becomes visible. In the above photo, demonstrates the difference between a black lash band versus a clear lash band.

Another comparison of two pairs of natural looking false eyelashes. Focusing the size of the lash band, I wished Lash Royalty's lash band can be thinner. This way, false eyelashes can look more natural and less visible. On another note,  the lashes of Lash Royalty are more defined and structured than the Taiwanese brand, which is great!

Like many eyelashes brands on the market, Lash Royalty's lashes are packaged individually by pairs unlike most Taiwanese and China brands where they are packaged in a box of 10 pairs. I noticed that no glue residue remains on the Lash Royalty's lashes which I liked because I feel like this isn't a lousy job of a machine or worker. An example of glue residue on eyelashes would be where I located the Pink Star.

Shipping Packages Photos: 
hereherehere and here

My Review 

I thought it was one of my purchases from eBay. They packaging was horrible. I was anticipating something pretty glammed up considering their website's presentation is so pretty and "luxurious". The bubble wrap envelope was actually cut in half of a bigger envelop and taped. Inside the envelope, the box of eyelashes were wrapped with green tissue paper. (Sorry, I really wasn't that happy because shipping packages means a lot to me!!) Thank goodness, the packaging for the actual box of eyelashes wasn't ugly. It was just like the photos from their website.

On to the actual pair of eyelashes. I usually go for the Dramatic Look. But since I've never tried natural looking eyelashes before, this would be the first. The eyelashes does not have a clear band, it is black. So no matter what, people can see that you are wearing falsies. It was light and flexible and I don't feel that it's there at all. Note that it does not come with Eyelash Glue though. Therefore for $15, no glue and only one pair of eyelashes, I think it's way overpriced. Many eyelashes on the market such as Dolly Wink and Ardell provides eyelash glue and their prices are quite reasonable as well. Overall, I like it. The product itself fits with the description. If I was a bride-to-be, I would choose this style too.

Revised Review
* For more info about the revision of this review, scroll to the bottom of this post*

Since I decided to do some revising to my review, and I took the lashes out again to have a look. Starting with the packaging, it's white with some hearts for texture with gold prints. To those who likes sleek and sophisticated packaging, this for you. However, I usually prefer more colors, details and pictures on the packaging.

In terms of their shipping packaging, they have responded in the email explaining that the shipping packaging for prize recipients are exactly what you see in the above photo links. This is the same when they ship out samples to buyers with the reason of being cost efficient. They claim that "For Lash Royalty product purchases, we handle our shipments differently." (from their email). However, since I never saw the shipping package for an actual customer, I cannot comment. Simply, this is FYI if you are curious.

Onto reviewing the actual pair of eyelashes, from photos above, I'm very picky in terms of lash band especially when it is a natural style design. When I'm trying to achieve a natural look, I want to appear as if I'm not wearing any makeup or nothing has been done to the face. With clear lash band, I can look as if the false lashes I'm wearing are actually my own. But with a black lash band, people can easily see with naked eye that you are wearing falsies. The thickness of the band, my opinion and reasons are the same. I must comment that I do believe they are of good quality because the lashes were well defined and structured, and there are no glue residue. Overall, their quality can last at least 5-7 times if you take good care of them.

I find that the pricing for Lash Royalty's false lashes is quite expensive. Here are some comparison examples: the Sally Hansen lashes (used above as comparison) was $2.50 + tax, it included 2 pairs with glue. Most Taiwanese brands ranges from $5 to $15, for 10 pairs of lashes without glue.  Some Japanese brands such as Dolly Wink, Koji and MJ (all with very beautiful package by the way and with almost all clear lash bands) are about $7-$12 for two pairs with glue.  Lash Royalty's false eyelashes retails for $15 +shipping for 1 pair and comes without glue. I'm sure you can do the math.

Product: (4/5) - minus point for the lash band
Price: (1/5) - there are are plenty of alternatives on the market if you are planing to spend $15 for eyelashes
Packaging: (4/5) - I find it rather plain but it may suit those who prefers sophistication.

Overall: (3/5)

This was a prize from Beauty Crazed's Lash Royalty Sponsored contests. I was not told to write a review or advertorial for them in any way. It was simply a giveaway prize and I decided to review them. All opinions are honest.


Updates and Info for Revision of Post: I have received responses from Lash Royalty in regards to their shipping packages. They were caught "off guard" about my first review in which I can understand after I have read my review countless times. I sounded like a lousy person complaining over something perceived to be a small potato. After a few emails back and forth. I believe it is important for me to revise the blog post to provide a more detailed review and to give them back justice. I also uploaded print-screen images of the emails because I do not want to appear as if something happened in the background and suddenly I'm writing a positive review. I will post these email print screens in a link below (similar to what I have done for the shipping package photos). This is because I want the product to be the main focus of the review instead of the shipping package controversy.
Print-screen of Emails can be found here

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