Just because its a cloudy day, and everything seems grey, doesn't mean my outfit has to.
I honestly hate cloudy days, its either sunny or rainy (both i love) just not CLOUDY!!

*No make up - I look sick or something :(*

Dress: Random Boutique from Hong Kong I love this dress not only for the colours, but also the fine cutting! I love how it works the hourglass shape. And this dress for sure works for those with an out of proportion butt/hip! 

Shoes: Jessica Simpsons Delanco Sandals 

Bag: Vintage Christian Dior monogram bag from 60s-70s. This bag took my sister and i forever to find. Mine is Medium sized. My sister has in Large Size. Found in Vintage Luxury Boutiques in Causeway Bay, HK. They also had Gucci, LV, and Chanel Vintage.

Tips when purchasing vintage, make sure you do your research! And you must find a trustworthy boutique or seller. There's no point in wasting money on a replica or a remake. :(