Nail Polishes May Cause Cancer!

Right three polishes are made from Korea

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This is a online recent news article from a Hong Kong Newspaper. I will translate it to the best of my abilities.

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There is a video as well. Which provides better information than the article. Definitely check it out if you understand the language!

Pretty nails have become the it and a fashion statement. Those who loves pretty nails often purchases rare nail polishes from all over the world as souvenirs. Consumers Council took a sample of the market's 42 typed of nail polishes and their base oils and found that there are 4 types which contains carcinogens. Some polishes made in China and Europeans are not to be used. 3 types came from Korea, and two types can be found form the chain company, Skin Food.

Dermatologist reminds, that many ladies love complicated designs on their nails. Which means, there are many nail polishes on our nails. If all of those polishes contains cancerous ingredients, the risk of causing cancer is higher as well.

The 4 types of nail polish that has been found with carcinogens are:
1) SKIN FOOD - Jojoba Pure Nail(#PK004)
2) SKIN FOOD - Milk Creamy Nail Base Coat
3) BNC manicure - vitamin SUPER NAIL HARDENER
4) Volili - #846

All the above had levels from 9.7ppm to 260ppm. BNC manicure had the most and the price was much cheaper as well. Each bottle was $5 HKD ($0.85USD). The most expensive out of the bunch was Skin Food $50HKD ($7.24USD)
Of the Sampled Nail polishes, the price ranges from $5 to $180.

BNC manicure was discovered to have (毒甲醇) up to 41,000ppm,which outdid China's regulations 20 folds. If inhaled or absorbed 甲醇 can cause damage to the liver, kidney, heart and other damages. The brand, Volili, was also found to contains two forbidden substances called (磷苯二甲酸脂) According to animal test, such substance can cause body deformation and other sudden mutations and alter nervous/hormone systems.

Experts advises ladies should only apply nail polishes 5 days a week. and leave two days to rest.

Another brand, Flower, found that its toxins is the highest, and slightly higher than the European regulations. Can affect nervous system and irritate skin and respiratory systems.

Dermatologists advises that the more layers of nail polish you apply, the higher the risk of causing cancer. Make sure to apply nail polish in a well ventilated area to minimize the possibility of over-inhaling the product. When purchasing, it is best to choose those closer to the manufacture date (the newer the better). Once nail polishes are removed, it is best simply apply nourishing cream or oils instead of nourishing polishes.

Many Skin Food chain stores have stopped selling a portion of their nail polishes. Skin food also decided to do refunds if there is a receipt provided. Skin Food HK has been informed by the Headquarters in Korea that the brand's nail polishes have passed European Standards. Consumers Council tested the polishes from Skin Food to be acceptable but to be safe, they will stop selling those two polishes. Consumers can refund until Sept 15th 2010.

Customs points that of the 4 types of nail polishes listed, BNC manicure polishes containing substance (苯及甲醇成分) does not meet safety standards and this has been called back from all distributors taken to do further tests. The latter 3 types, after checking with medical professionals, they are safe and will not do direct harm to human bodies.


Scary huh! I knew it can be dangerous a long time ago, but I thought they were all gone from the market. Didn't think they were still around!! Do gel nails girls, gel nails! haha =))
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*Sorry if I didn't do too good of a job Translating. I didn't know some of those medical terms in English so I just put them in Brackets. Hope you got most of the article though!

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