Waiting to be seated.

During Summerlicious, bf and I were supposed to go to Rosewater, but because I had a really busy schedule the date was put off. Coincidently, thank goodness one of my best girlfriend had some connections and managed to get two Rosewater Gift Certificates, she gave me one *YAY*. So my bf and I decided to book a reservation after my finals and ate at regular prices and its regular menu.

Some Info on the Restaurant:
Address: 19 Toronto Street
Toronto, ON M5C 2R1
Telephone: (416) 214-5888
Dinner Price Range: $100 - $150
Party Space, Private Rooms, Beer and Wine Bar are available. 
Atmosphere: Fine Dining, People-watching, Power Scenes, Quiet Conversation, Romantic Spot, Star Sightings

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My bf booked the reservation on a Thursday night for 8pm. and for some odd reason he kept telling me not to rush. (I usually take some time to get ready) and he ended up calling Rosewater to tell them we will be late and move the reservation to 8:30pm. We ended up to be late still and arrived at 9pm. When we got there, we apologized for being late and was told that our table was given away. This I can understand, because the fault is on us. Then the lady also told us that the kitchen closes at 10 and that the restaurant was full and we have the option to wait or just go somewhere else because it's not guaranteed that we would get our food. As much as I understand that, she was pretty rude about all of this. My boyfriend seeing I was upset just told her that we would wait. I asked my bf afterwards, and he said it's because he knows I put a lot of effort to do the make up, hair and outfit etc. He knows I would be very disappointed to go to another restaurant now. So we waited for 45 minutes until we got seated. I was starving omg. And I actually saw empty tables during the wait, just that the tables were not set up to be ready. Maybe there weren't enough people working at that night. I did notice there was a party in the main dining hall (quite noisy so we requested to be seated upstairs)

The area where we got seated in the intimate setting of the upper mezzanine level. On this level, there were about 3 private rooms. It's very dim where we got seated, and our table was a two seater. I had my camera, wrislet, phone, wallet and make up. (I need more space!! because the knives and forks took up a lot of space too) I requested for a bigger table since people started to leave at this point, my server simply combined my table with another two seater. It wasn't what I wanted (i wanted to go to a four seater) but I think he just didn't want customers to have to move around, so i didn't ask for more. 

Rack of Lamb $42
Yukon Potato Crisp, Rosemary Braised Tomato
Ancient Grain Mustard Jus

I'm excited and happy with my main course. I figured it would be a long wait till we got our food. So, I also ordered my favourite go-to drink - Sour Amaretto instead of wines. haha The lamb was really good, I asked for medium well, and it was so perfect. 

My boyfriend ordered 8oz Beef Tenderloin $42 - Truffle Baked Potato, Select Late Harvest Vegetables. It came with two dips, they were so yummy!

Another drink, if i remembered correctly, this is the Rosewater Martini

My lovely desert: Coffee and Tea - 12 Layer Opera Cake, Hazelnut Crisp, and Earl Grey Ice-cream

This part is Super cute. The dessert chef came out to tell me that the diamond was edible! ahhaha! I had so much fun with it. It turns out to be a coffee tasted candy!

My boyfriend's dessert: Molten Chocolate Tower - Citrus Salad, Grand Marnier Caramel 

Posing outside of the Restaurant. 

Overall, I'm very satisfied at the venue itself and the services as well. Kelly, our server was excellent. She was very attentive. The food was great. Desserts were above expectations. 

Last words, I did walk around the entire venue to find the White Room in the Basement floor. It's very nice just like the pictures on the website. If I have a birthday party, I might choose there. And there's also a wall where it showcase all the celebrities or well known people who has dined at Rosewater. It's pretty neat. I had a very enjoyable night at this restaurant and would recommend it if you choose to visit Toronto!