Blog + YouTube Giveaway Winner Announcement

If you wanna know the winner *scroll to the VERY bottom*

Blog + YouTube Giveaway Winner Announcement

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So, I received this message/question from an unknown person via formspring asking me,
when are you gonna post the giveaway winner?

I had two takes on this.

First, I felt really bad, LIKE VERY AWFUL because I did keep everyone waiting and I truly took way too long to do this.
However, then i thought, that's rather rude because a blogger is hosting a giveaway (obviously, free) and out of their own pockets. On top of that, the blogger (aka me) is only trying to make the blog sphere a fun place! Instead this particular person reminds me of an arrogant beggar on the streets, demanding for change. I was actually quite upset by this.

As much as I enter contests and wishes the winner to be announced at once, I do understand that, the blogger who host a contest do have a life to live and surely, the Internet can wait. It is important to find the right balance and to know what you strive to achieve through writing a blog.

By the above, I don't mean that i don't care for my followers, but i do believe that, if the content of a blog is interesting enough, followers will keep reading regardless how many contests/giveaway you host. I started my blog with many objectives and I still hold these close to me. The blog is to show my interest in make up and skin care thus i post reviews of what i like and don't like hoping to help others. I wanted to display my passion with gel nail art. I also wanted to keep a reminder or the fun/interesting/inspiring parts of my life - My Diary of only the beautiful things in my life.

Yes, I know I'm keeping you all from the Winner *still. but if you really read up to this point, you are amazing and cares about me :) :)

So why have I been missing??

1) I hosted a BBQ at my house with my friends (never knew it can take so much time, from going to the supermarket for straight 3 days to buy everything, gathering money, checking the RSVPs, cleaning the house before ppl came, cleaning the house after ppl left) IT WAS HECTIC but SO FUNNN!! I LOVE MY FRIENDS !!
So this took about 10 days or so

2) I'm going through the month of assignments (6 in all) I'm currently taking a full time course load at school) trying to complete my undergrad asap and these assignments made me lose a lot of sleep. not only that my skin reacted and my eye bags all came out to give me a zombie look. At least i got to make good use of all my eye masks hahaha!
This took about straight two weeks for all 6 assignments

3) As you all know, after assignments its FINAL EXAMS. trust me I'm not exactly the most delighted camper here.
This is ongoing and keeps going until End of August

4) I went to buffalo *again as double date with my friends. HAHAHH it was quite a mission. probably fill in the details when i get the time to show my haul and stuff on a separate post!
which drained me out for a good 2-3 days

5) I had to deal with a lot of order inquiries and transactions and deliveries for my online shop. honestly, if someone asks me on how i felt about managing an online store etc.. i think i can be quite a good speaker for an entrepreneurial e-commerce conference . I will definitely expand on this experience. again, when i get the time too since I'm REALLY tight on time right now.
about 5 hours everyday

6) Social life, Family time, House chores, going to the gym, going to school
everything that makes life a better balance. yes I'm quite the busy body and I really couldn't sit in front of the computer to pick the winner, make a pretty video (like my last YouTube video), do a post entry, email, etc etc. did you know that on average, a blog entry takes me about 3-7 hours? *yea...

If you actually read up to this point, I truly thank you for caring this poor soul.. me =)
I *heart* you~~
Here comes the winner..... *drum rolls*


Congratulations XHelloxKathyX!!!
She entered via YouTube since this giveaway was for both my YouTube channel and my blog!
She also made a video response for this contest!

Dear XHelloxKathyX, please email me at within the next 48 hours. I have already contacted you via YouTube messages but just in case of miscommunication. If you do not respond within the next 48 hours, it would mean you forfeit your prize.

Thank you everyone who has entered this giveaway! I met many bloggers which was great!
Hopefully I can update right after my exams!