Toronto Night Market: Night It Up 2010

Admission: Free
Friday, July 9, 2010 7pm-1am
Saturday, July 10 2010 1pm-1am
Major Intersection
West of Warden Ave. and Steeles Ave.

Parking is really crazy!! So I do suggest, either find a friend that lives near by to let you park there or arrive early. There's definitely not enough parking spots at the location. 
It basically starts at 7pm, right when the sun starts to set!

The event was sponsored by Air Canada
We got to take free pictures + frame!

This booth was super cool, they stir ice cream on marble and you can mix it with a lot of favours.

miss cupcakes. so funny, she was like,
"dont take pictures, buy a cupcake!"

Most items at the Market are priced very similar to the prices you find at Pacific Mall or Market Village.
Make sure to try to bargain :)
As for me, I just keep munching away.
I always come to eat things that we normally cannot find to eat in restaurants.

Smelly Tofu is quite huge for night market.
There were at least 4 booths. You basically smell it the moment you walk in.
the lines are EXTREMELY LONG. Some told me they waited an hour. CRAZY

This would be me holding everyone's purse to take the photo for Air Can haha

**Note: These photos are from my facebook. If you would like reuse these pictures, please email me. Thank you

Did you go to the Night Market? How was your experience?