REVIEW: Forever 21 Cosmetics Line - Love&Beauty

Being the guinea pig that I am, I decided to try something I have not seen anyone talk about on the blog-sphere (well at least no blogs i have come across just yet). I bought some items from the Forever 21 cosmetic/make up line when it was on sale.

I mentioned these in my haul review here. So, lets start with the review + swatches!

First, the lip palette.
Here are the swatches

+ color was easily picked up, strong color
+ didn't have the wax-y feeling, it glides on lips well

- Packaging texture felt like nars
- The rose design is very girly and reminds me of Anna Sui, but very kiddie at the same time
- The lip brushes which were included were crappy! the bristle was falling off as i tried to get the color out. I had to use my own lip brushes.

Second: Lipstick
Forever 21 Lipstick

+ Color was strong, it is exactly the same color, very bold
+ packaging is simply and nice
- I did find it rather dry but it is a matte color so maybe that's why?
- I def need to use lip balms before the application
*Swatch for this at the bottom*

Third, Blush (rose)
+ cute packaging - reminds me of benefit's blushes
+ i=I was sold on the color (when i bought it)
- When I opened it, turned out it was ALL SHATTERED inside, A COMPLETE MESS
- had to put it back together by using the "de-poting" method
- swatched the color, not pigmented, even with primer, I can barely see it.
but if that's the look you want then it works. but i was looking for a very pigmented rosy color.
*Swatch for this at the bottom*

Fourth, Eyeshadows

+ Packaged like Anna Sui, i like the rose design as long as it doesn't look like toys
+ Color pigment was acceptable.
+ Price was very inexpensive
- I don't have anything to say. I don't think it's bad at all.

The swatch photo for everything

The pink and black eyeshadows has a metallic touch to them, which are different from the pinks and blacks in the 88 Shimmer Palette, so I'm happy.
Blush is just like I mentioned before, even with primer, there's a very small tint of it.

Prices were amazing as it was from the sale, got the eyeshadows for 79 cents each. and lipstick at $1 and others for about $2.
For that price, you cant really ask for much.

I really did not like the packaging altogether. But, they did carry new items on the line now and I noticed that the packaging has got to look more like bobbi brown's shimmer bricks now. why does it seem like they are always imitating? hahah

They also have L.A. Colors in their line. I think that the overal preformance is not bad. I got them for $1.50 each palette in HK before, they sell them for about $4 here.
Just to let you know how inexpensive make up can be.