REQUESTED REVIEW: Britney Spears Fantasy "Look My Way" Color Kit

This was a request one of my readers. She went to Lisa's cosmetics and kept seeing this item around and asked me to swatch it and review it for her. I happen to have this (Don't ask me why) This product debuted back in 2005 or 2007 i think. It's been around for years, but anyways, here it is.
The Packaging.
Metallic Fuchsia Pink + Glass Crystals.
I think they aren't Swarovski though.
The Palette itself.
that would be my camera in the mirror reflection =P

Swatches for Eyeshadow and Lip Color
The pigment for eyeshadow was horrible. It literally cannot be used without the primer.
When used with primer however, acceptable.
I think the pink was VERY pretty, with and without the primer. But Green, Blue and Purple were actually HARD to apply without the primer.

The lip color was very creamy, which i liked but i felt like its gunna melt if the weather gets hot because it felt SO creamy. So different to the F21 Lip palette.

Swatch for the highlighter.
Not soft, but I can see myself using it as last resort.
It does its job basically =)

So that's it for Britney Spears Palette, and for you my dear, who requested this. Hope you made your decision!!

To my other readers, if you have any requests, let me know. Ill try to do what i can!