NAIL TUTORIAL: Pink Bling Bling Ribbon Nails

Posted a new tutorial video to youtube!
Hope you guys like it!

Also on the side note, I won a giveaway!

Yinnie held a giveaway not too long ago, the prize is a $100 skincareRX voucher.
I love skincare, and this is honestly a very happy moment for me! I cannot wait until i receive it in the mail! And until then ill have another post on it!
Do check out Yinnie's blog, its very informative and her selection of beauty products are amazing. Recently she reviewed the Vitacreme, the review was very informative and tells you exactly what the product does so for those who are totally new with the product, CHECK IT!! I personally bought 4 from a recent sale in Hong Kong, I heard many good things about it for a really long time, but I was waiting and waiting because I am cheap and didn't want to buy it for such an expensive price. It retails for $45 CAD here in Toronto Asian Malls!! Anyway, on impulse, i bought 4 so I decided to sell 2 in my blog sale. I'm still adding items everyday. Keep checking back for awesome deals =))

Thank you Yinnie once again for such an awesome giveaway!!