Hot Taste Restaurant 糊塗樓

China has many provinces and each province has their own dialect and traditional food. I, in particular like the spicy, such as Szechuan, Beijing, Shanghai Food. So this is a restaurant that makes my type of yummy spicy food ♥

Hot Taste Restaurant
324 HWY E #1
(Bayview and HWY 7)

First thing we ordered was "Szechwan Style Hot and Sour Noodle, I asked if its the same is "Chong hang's" style spicy noodle and it was so I ordered it. The "Chong hang's" style spicy noodle I ate in China cost me about $1.50 CAD. But the one in this restaurant was $4.50 CAD.

This is how it looked like when it arrived. I was thinking WOW big bowl of noodles, getting pretty excited. but it turned out...

This was exactly the amount they had. like one spoonful. Are you serious? noodles don't cost this much. Well, when i find another restaurant that sells this, i will not come back. :(

This is the other plate. Spicy Pot Beer, we got it in Small size.

This is how it turned out. I honestly think this was quite delicious. And the best thing is, my body did not react to MSG. Usually at restaurants like these, which sells this type of Chinese food, I get sore shoulders and backs because of the MSG. But i didn't get any of those feelings with this restaurant.

How can you eat any spicy food without Tsingtao beer?!?!? It's amazing hahah. Probably the only beer I will let my body intake. =P After two beers, i wanted more, but i figured we should have ice water instead because we have to drive. Maybe because we were eating really spicy food, I was sweating hot. Or maybe the air con is not working. The waitress automatically gave us iced water. I didn't have to say anything.

Customer service: ♥♥♥♥♥