[HONG KONG] Outlet Mall (Burberry, I.T., Levis, Coach and more)

and who doesn't?
Who doesn't want to buy expensive things for a cheaper price?

Ever since I went to the outlets in Buffalo, New York, my boyfriend was looking for outlets in Hong Kong as well. And he actually found one! I'm so surprised because we all know how Hong Kong is very city-like and everything was pretty much high-end, but outlets.. REALLY???!!
He took some pictures to share with us =)

Name: Citygates Outlet

Located in the heart of Tung Chung, directly adjacent to MTR Tung Chung Station and Lantau bus terminal, the mall offers hassle-free connections to all areas of Hong Kong. Just one station away from Disneyland and approximately 30 minutes from Central!

There's CK Underwear, Burberry, Coach, Levis, I.T. and others. There's even BAPE. The BAPE store is quite cheap but the stuff is older and not a lot of sizes are available. It's so cool that they decorate it like a pirate store. The clothes are all stored in treasure boxes!
There are other clothes as well, make sure you check out the stores directory =)

The manikin outside of the BAPE store

Pirate Treasure boxes of CLOTHES

The Burberry Rain boots I am lovinggg! these look better than the ones I saw in Buffalo!

The display for Coach Factory Outlet

Coach Factory Outlet

Burberry Outlet

Jewelry !!

ps. I.T is a Store that carries brands like Alexandra McQueen, Addict, D&G, Balanciaga, Beauty&Youth, Anna Sui, Cheap Monday, CDG, Love Boat, Fingercroxx, Fred Perry, Hyoma, Helmut Lang, Julius, Kenzo, Love Girls Market, mastermindJAPAN, Issey Mikyake, merci beaucoup, tout a coup and so so much more. Love this store.

Now come pix of the mall itself.

Do you think you will go nuts too?