Hey Mister Postman!

Two things I received in the mail woohoo!!!

A while back, I mentioned I won Glamour Buzz's Name that Event Contest. Even though she didnt end up using the name i came up with, she was still very generous to send this package to me!
Like I mentioned before, her product reviews are quite in depth, so make sure you check her out!! =)

Here are the pictures!!
Sheena's so sweet and cute, she had these fun flower stickers and then she had the other Girl Talk bag, keeping it girlyy!! I love it!!
ps, the postage is so expensive! honestly, this is one of the reasons why Cdn bloggers should really be appreciated for their giveaways, shipping + prize items = BOTH expensive!!

My prize!! LOVE IT!!!
Lots of goodiessss!
There are some non-labeled stuff, so I'll swatch those first.
I am so going to do a review on the Smashbox Highlighter Quad. *can't wait*
The two at the bottom are blushes, interesting color, DEF swatching!! *see below*
And I'm really happy I got the CDN lotion, many nail salons use this brand on clients. SUPER HAPPY
Alright time to SWATCH!!

They looked like really strong colors at first, so I wasn't expecting much.

Swatches for the Lipsticks
Turned out they were really wearable! #3 and #4 seem to be the same, one slightly brighter. My mom was sneaking on me at this point and said "I'LL HAVE YOUR EXTRAS" hahahaaha

Swatch for the Blushes
I swatched it on 2 different base to test it out =)
Purple was kinda cool, don't know when ill wear it but I might think of something =)

The next up is..
the letter I received from my boyfriend all the way from HONG KONG!!!

*blurred content.. hehe b/c it's mushy

*cute chinese writing.. all slanted and kiddie
*the stitch stickers... OMG so cute, kinda looks like him
*he drew himself.. the monkey hehe

I'm so happppppppppy! i have the sweetest boyfriend ever. Honestly, SUCH a surprise. I really appreciate it and like I really do feel bad. Few months ago, I got mad at him because I was complaining, that there's no spark in the relationship. But I didnt take into consideration that when you're livig with someone, it's really hard to plan surprises. During this time that he was away, I really learned to appreciate. This letter is making my week =) about 10 days till he's back. Miss you lots baby!

That's it for now. I actually bought something off eBay again. i need to stop honestly. It's a skin analyzer. post it when i get it in the mail =)