Bf's Luggage revealed - MY HK Haul (Pic Heavy as usual) + Giveaway Update

1. Luggage worth of Clothes, Japanese/Asian Magazines, Junk Food, Stitch (my fave plush), Accessories, beauty/hair stuff
2. A zoom in on some beauty items: Green Bean Powder, Essential Hair Care line, KOSE Cleansing Oil, Dolly Wink Eyeliner, Vitacreme B12, Shills Black Mask, KOSE Masks, Canmake eyeshadow, Biotherm, Skin79, SKII VIP Samples
3. Some of my accessories, Swarovski Pendant for my DIY, a Bag of stuff for DIY. i love making crafts for clothes or anything really!!
4. PEACH JOHN JUNE ARRIVALS. one of the set is hk store limited edition. =) i must give my baby props for walking in peach john by himself. hahah. yay! new sets for my Peach John Collection. I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEEEEEE THEM!!

To the girls who goes back to hk themselves, this may not seem to be a lot. but honestly, for a GUY to buy ALL OF THIS by himself, finding all these items by himself, asking sales about bra sizes, make up products, cleansers toner etc. This mission was not EASY at all.


Note to readers, i will be reviewing all these items. because some, ive never used either.
for the vitacreme, im going to sell two of the 4 that i have. they expire in 2014.

for the black mask, im gunna sell 2 of them and give one away for a lucky winner. giveaway info will be given out soon. i still have to post the winner for my recent giveaway! sorry, REALLY REALLY busy lately with my customers, photoshoots and work and school and the list goes on.
the masks expire in 2013

Please comment, to what items u really want to see a review from. so that i can get on those first =)
i recently got formspring, its in the sidebar!!!
ps, the clothes, omg i cant wait till i do LOTD and OOTD with them!!!
wow i just realized i have an EOTD not posted yettt

SO YUP! make sure you keep checking back for all of those info!