BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics

Over the weekend, my bf went to IFC to check some stuff. Turns out BMW had a car show. The concept car is so cool, it has transparent doors!

The display is called BMW Vision EfficientDynamics. It focuses on creating a hybrid car, by promoting fuel efficiency and low emission. It's actually going to be in production and sold in 2013!

If you are interested, here are the specs of the car:
590 pound-feet of torque plug-in electric
with dedicated lighter-weight three-cylinder diesel range-extending engine

My thoughts:
To be honest, I think this is very cool, very futuristic!
However, what about the fantasies infront of the beach and maybe in underground parking lots? How about girls in mini skirts, and accidently slipping our britneys?

Would you like your bf to have a car like this? Would you want a car like that?
I think I wont mind this car truthfully. pretty cool looking!