[HONG KONG] Waraku - Japanese Casual Dining

When you walk in, they have a display of all the dishes you can find in the menu! and they are created to scale too! *mouthwatering*

Here's Cyashu Tonkotsu Kaminabe.
This is a type of hot pot but on PAPER, super cool, the pictures shows the fire heating the food on paper, and the paper doesn't get burned/lit up!!

Super size bowls (they resemble a 15-16 inch laptop, HUGE BOWLS!!
1. The bowl of food
2. Size comparison to another big bowl
3. MY bf put his fingers in to show how big the bowl is

I wished Toronto had these fun diners =PP

Where is this place??


Citywalk, Tsuen Wan Shop No. 77, Ground Floor of Citywalk, No. 1 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, Hong Kong
(852) 2352-5233
11:30am - 11pm (Last order 10:30pm)