Toronto Earthquake - My Experience

Today at approximately 2ish in the afternoon, I was in an office of about 3 stories high working on some documents etc. And suddenly the desk was wobbling, bookshelves were shaking and still clueless at what is going on; I hear someone down the hall yelling "EARTHQUAKE, EVERYONE EVACUATE THE BUILDING!!"
I stood up, and i had to grab the desk for balance.

Still blanked out, but slowly getting to my senses, my colleagues were grabbing me out of the door. I still cant believe my reaction. Funny when thinking about it, guess what i went back to get.

.... My Chanel Wallet. HAHAHAH
I guess it just means so much to me, my first Chanel, all those pictures inside and it's the 2nd best pres from my bf.

Now, i can kind of understand, why people risk their lives going back to get their pictures, their sentimental items.

Back to the scene...
I grabbed my wallet, and then quickly walked out. In the halls outside of the office, everyone was grabbing their stuff, running down the stairs, many screaming "WHAT WAS THAT!??!" and many blank faces. I guess, I'm not the only one.
This scene will never leave my head.

I am sure many of us at that moment, had these following thoughts:
"how much time do we have until this building completely falls down into a pile of dust"
"was this morning, our last goodbye?"

At least these were my thoughts.

I used to be a lifeguard, and had pretty good responses in emergencies, but at this moment. none of characteristics of a lifeguard can be found upon me. My legs moved slowly, i can feel people pushing behind me getting me to move faster down the stairs.

Some of the most respected and professional peoples in the building became like any ordinary human, screaming "STAY AWAY FROM THE BUILDING!!!", hands above their heads, and heels falling off.

This was definitely a trailer, of the day our world ends.
I never want to see this day again, as much as I want to erase today's memories, it remains.

So to those, who didn't feel a thing during this mere 5.0 20-30 seconds Earthquake in Toronto. You are very fortunate.

And to those, who wants to feel it,
Trust me, you don't want to know.

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