Sephora x OPI - CHIC PRINTS for nails

So when I got an email from Sephora about this product "Sephora x OPI - CHIC PRINTS for nails" a while ago, and it is inspired by Minx. It comes with 16 nail patches of different widths to fit your nails (But how can it fit the CURVE of your nail?!). It is made out of a solid-film material and a heat sensitive back which will trigger its adhesiveness. I literally ran to the stores. and that's because it is JUST LIKE the products from Minx Nail Coverings! I found out about Minx from my subscriptions to Japanese Nail Magazines. It has been used by many Hollywood celebrities and many nail techs have said it's been a great product. Here are photos of the photos i took from my nail mag:

And as a Nail tech, I NEED TO KNOW THE LATEST TRENDS. I ran to Sephora as fast as I can because I thought it should be a HUGE HIT and very exclusive. But it turns out there's PLENTY. *see*

On the Sephora site, you don't get a good look at the designs, so i decided to take as many pictures as I can on what's available in the store.

This is "Tiger"

This is "Chrome Lace"

This is "Skulls"

This is "Black and Gold Geometric"

This is "Fishnet" and can be found on Lady Gaga, but hers were Minx. (refer back to the nail mag photo on top)

This is "Anchor"

On the site, it said $15, maybe it's the US price. It turned out to be $20 CAD. And I have read some reviews on this product. It seems very disappointing. See review by thenailphile. I'm not going to waste $20 on nail sticker that wouldn't last more than 2 days. From what I have read and learned from the nail magazine as well as the minx site - it is best applied with heat.
Although the application process of "rubbing" will do (like the rubbing wax), it is much better with an UV lamp by a certified nail technician.

+ PRO - I love the chrome designs, very eye catching!
+ PRO - DIY is the best!
- CON - Not long lasting
- CON - Designs can be recreated by Konad Stamping - I've seen great artwork by the system!
- CON - Pretty pricy =(!

Sorry! Truly Don't like the idea of sticking a flap of nail sticker on my nails. I can't imagine combing or washing my hair!
*Hopefully something better and more practical comes out soon!!
Have you tried this product yet? i would love to hear if anyones been lucky with this product =))