Merchants Flea Market

Last weekend, my bf and I decided to go to a flea market because I wanted some good bargains and wanted to see other things other than the typical malls here in Toronto.

If you live in Toronto, you will know that a typical mall will for sure have GAP, Old Navy, the Bay, Garage, Urban behaviour. I think you get what im trying to say here, IT'S SO BORING and their stuff don't CHANGE fast enough! I do believe I'm biased because I'm in love with the vibrant shopping experience I get from Hong Kong and Taiwan =P


There are so many Jewelry stores! Price.. not SO Flea Market

This particular store was STACKED!

These earrings are SOO big! how do you wear them!? *Pink, always catches my eyes!

OBAMA! haha cute! =P

This really reminded me of Hong Kong Mong Kok!
Those Sexy Cosplay/Lingerie Stores are awesome!

Lots of Hair stuff

Lots of kids dresses, some are pretty cute and some are just ... *yea

#1 - The Nail Salon there, is inexpensive but VERY sketchy looking! I really do wanna try a pedicure there but I was also scared whether it's clean there. It might be a good place but it looks really shady and ancient and not classy at all. (well no surprise, it's located at a Flea Market)
#2 - There's a huge section in the Flea Market called Jewelry Exchange and I've seen it on commercials before too. Not sure about its authenticity, again, not the type of place to find jewelry.

I had tons of fun looking at wacky jewelry, dresses and just random stuff. I didn't end up buying anything, which i guess is good (save money) haha. I did wish i saw some vintage stuff though =P
At least, it's much better than seeing the same thing over and over at Malls =)

What do you guys think of flea markets? gross? or fun?